How can MLBB save you on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And if you think you ran out of sweet nothings to captivate your date or significant other, well you’re in luck! We’ve listed down some of the most roman...

What type of MLBB player are you?

Different Types of MLBB Players
How many times have you seen a teammate go side by side with Aldous in his lane, competing for minion waves? If you were Aldous, you would’ve smacked that dude with your Soul Steal to make him go ...

MLBB Hero Guide: Best Build for Paquito to knock y...

Hero Guide Paquito
Inspired by boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, Paquito comes out swinging to victory HP: 2798 Mana: 0 Physical Attack: 121 Magic Power: 0 Attac...

ICYMI: MLBB M2 World title won by Bren Esports 4-3...

M2 Grand Champion
Crawling out from the Lower Bracket, the Philippines’ Bren Esports tediously worked their way to reach the finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M2 World Championship in Singapore. On January 24...

Bourne Bravo on winning the Philippines’ CGS 2

CGS2 Champion PH
They went under the radar to capture the crown If there is one thing we can learn from competitive Esports, unpredictability can be a major catalyst, much more, a secret weapon. Bourne Bravo prov...

Mobile Legends Slangs: Know Your Gaming Terms

Mobile Legends Slangs
Are you a new MLBB gamer? Don’t know the lingo that your teammates and opponents are exchanging? Let’s talk about some of the most common gaming slang in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia t...

MLBB Hero Guide: Best Build for Mathilda

Hero Guide Mathilda - Mobile Legends
This flexible hero flies freely with a high cap, but is she OP as a support? HP: 2651 Mana: 430 Physical Attack: 120 Magic Power: 0 Attack...

Mobile Legends: Who Got Nerfed Most in 2020?

Mobile Legends - Nerfed
Nerf: “To nerf, to be nerfed (verb)”. In the world of computer gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that downgrades the power or effectiveness of a specific element (character, weapon, etc.) in an...

Best Gaming Collabs of 2020: Bringing star-power t...

Best Gaming Collabs of 2020
This year may be one of the most challenging in recent times, but thanks to mobile games, it managed to keep us in check and still ecstatic to play. Gaming companies have constantly tapped celebri...

How to Farm Mobile Legends Battle Points Quickly

MLBB Battle Points
Battle Points ‘money’ buys cool stuff in MLBB Battle Points, or simply BP, are obtainable in-game currency in Mobile Legends. Next to Diamonds and Fragments, you can use BPs to buy amazing goods. P...

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