Friday, June 5, 2020

X.Borg Graffiti Fashion: June 2020’s new Starlight-exclusive skin

It's another month, another Starlight-exclusive skin! This June, Xborg unleashes his inner street artist with a Graffiti Fashion. Get this look, along with other Starlight-exclusive...

A new Gusion skin from the Cosmos just landed: Cosmic Gleam

Gusion gets an out of this world makeover with his legendary Cosmic Gleam skin! Hailing from the cosmos, this skin is an absolute stunner. With...

The flaming fury of Valir’s new Draconic Flame skin

Valir is dressed up with his new skin "Draconic Flame", and is ready to release his flaming fury! Through the help of his burst fireball,...

MLBB x GCash: Cashback + Free item code

  On top of the 5% discount when you purchase MLBB diamonds and pay using GCash, you'll also get free game items! Mechanics for free item...

Silvanna’s new skin: Midnight Justice

Justice will be served, even in the darkness with Silvanna's new skin: Midnight Justice! Parade a brand-new look while hitting the opponents hard with her...

50 diamonds are all you need to buy selected MLBB skins

Alucard, Layla, Pharsa. Are any of these heroes your main? Lucky you because you can get their skins at only 50 diamonds! This generous promo...

The balancing power of Luo Yi’s Yin-Yang Mage

MLBB's new hero Luo Yi, with it's skin Yin Yang mage, maintains the right balance of light and dark energies. Such powerful combination brings...

MLBB’s big sale: Heroes and skins at up to 40% off

Short on diamonds to purchase your favorite MLBB skin or hero? Not a problem because there's an on-going sale until May 11! Get heroes...

The party is on with Lylia’s “Future Star” skin

Get ready to groove with the cutest magician and the "Future Star": Lylia! This party is like no other because Lylia has some magical...

The electrifying beauty of Selena’s Thunder Flash

As if this hero can be even more beautiful, Selena gets an electrifying makeover with it's new "Thunder Flash" skin. Selena also boasts special skills....


Kumu is now available on Codashop!

Kumu, the community platform designed for Filipinos, is the app we all need to connect to others while staying at the safety and comfort...