5 MLBB Couples to play with your Significant Other...

Looking for an exciting activity to do with your SO? Hop into the Land of Dawn and play as these 5 power couples to dominate your games!

MLBB Counterpicking Strategies Explained

Blog_MLBB_2 (1)
Learn the art of counterpicking in MLBB and gain an edge over your opponents. Dominate the competition with a well-executed strategy and climb the ranks.

Best Settings in Mobile Legends for Smoother Gamep...

MLBB Best Settings
Having an unresolved lag issue in MLBB? Here’s how you can fix it by optimizing your settings for smoother gameplay.

Mobile Legends Do’s and Dont’s When Ga...

MLBB How to Gank
Been trying to ambush your enemies but ends up being ambushed any way? Here’s a complete guide to successfully gank on your enemies to win!

MLBB Beginner’s Rank Up Guide

MLBB Rank up Beginners
Tired of playing unranked games and want to take a step further from your MLBB games? This is the guide for you. Learn more about climbing ranks here.

A Complete Guide on Mobile Legends Rank System 202...

MLBB Rank System 2023
Gear up and rise through the ranks with this 2023 Mobile Legends Rank System Guide we made for you!

6 Hero Counters to Dominate Cyclops in MLBB

MLBB-How-to-counter_Blog (2)
Learn how to counter the powerful mage, Cyclops, in MLBB! Our top 5 hero picks will give you the edge you need. Don't miss out on dominating the battlefield!

Best Heroes to Counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends...

MLBB Benedetta Counter
The best MLBB Heroes to counter the high-tier Assassin, Benedetta. Learn about how to counter her, items to use, and the Heroes to pick in this guide.

MLBB: Why Positioning Matters

Positioning in Video Games
An advanced guide for those who want to up their game in Mobile Legends Bang Bang with examples of how positioning works in matches.

GET UP TO ₱30 OFF on Mobile Legends with Maya!

Promo Title: GET UP TO ₱30 OFF on Mobile Legends with Maya! Top up Mobile Legends with Maya Offer: Use Maya to GET UP TO ₱30 OFF on your MLBB top up on Codashop! Promo Period: April 28, 2023 ...

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