Thursday, August 6, 2020

August Starlight-exclusive skin: Wan Wan “Teen Pop”

Get your "funk" on with MLBB's August Starlight-exclusive skin! Wan Wan "Teen Pop" spells young and fun! Get instantly drawn to Wan Wan's newest skin...

Summer isn’t over with Angela Summer Vibes + Nana Sundress

Hot new skins from MLBB will make up for your lost summer! Angela and Nana are ready to parade their summer outfits "Summer Vibes"...

Ling Dragon Tamer “Night Shade” Skin Available July 17

One of the Oriental Fighters, Ling heard the Dragon’s call and has accepted the Dragon Trial to become the last member of Dragon Tamer...

New MLBB skin: Baxia Badass Roller

Baxia is owning the road with his swag style and spiky rollers thanks to his new skin "Badass Roller"! Don't come near, those spikes...

MLBB weekend discount: 30% off on selected skins

A great weekend awaits MLBB players because selected skins are on sale at 30% off from today until July 12! That's a lot of...

Kimmy Frost Wing skin: newest member of the Dragon Tamer squad

Kimmy is ready to freeze the enemies to death with her new Frost Wing skin! Joining Valir, Estes, Masha, and Ling, Kimmy is the...

Badang “Fist of Zen” Epic Skin | MLBB Lucky Treasure

💎Lucky Treasure💎 Badang is a legendary Southeast Asian strongman from the Malay world,  Badang “Fist of Zen” Epic Skin is now available on #MobileLegendsBangBang! The battlefield denominator now...

July Starlight Member | Hayabusa “Biological Weapon”

Hayabusa is a ghostly Ninja that who can kill his opponents with his Ulti “Ougi” without leaving a trace in the blink of an...

Masha Dragon Armor: the newest Dragon Tamer skin

Masha looks as strong, if not stronger than the male tank heroes with her new skin Dragon Armor! Hers is the latest addition to...

MLBB Season 17 + Karina Blood Moon

Time flies! MLBB is now on its 17th Season with a rewarding offer: you can get Karina's new skin "Blood Moon" for only 50...


Glitchpop VALORANT Skin

VALORANT’s New Cyberpunk-themed Glitchpop Skins

The new ‘Cyberpunk’ themed Glitchpop skinline lands in VALORANT with Act II VALORANT hasn’t been out long, but it’s already becoming known for its memorable character...