How to Fix Lag in Free Fire

Free Fire How to Fix Lag
Playing games, like Free Fire, is one of the best feelings after a long day of work or even during breaks. However, experiencing game lag has become players’ biggest nightmare. Imagine being in th...

Free Fire OB37 Update Guide, New Maps, and more!

Free Fire OB37 Update
After months of waiting, Free Fire finally released their OB37 patch last November 16, 2022. It features new game modes, pets, weapons, adjustments, and optimizations! The latest update  also intr...

Free Fire World Series 2022: Teams, Prize Pool and...

Free Fire World Series 2022
Get ready as Free Fire World Series 2022 is back! The last edition of this year will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 25 and 26, where seventeen teams from different regions all over the ...

Free Fire Redemption Site: All you need to know

Free Fire Redemption Site
Nothing makes Free Fire players happy more than free rewards and exclusive free items. Free Fire redemption site enables players to redeem codes that will let them earn rewards. Some items and col...

How to change signature in Free Fire

Free Fire How to Change Signature
Nothing is more exciting in the gaming world than playing a game where creativity shines, and imagination is your only limit. Who are we referring to? Battle royale game Garena Free Fire.  Free...

Free Fire Best Weapons to try this 2022

Free Fire Best Weapons 2022
Free Fire is a straightforward battle royale game that features competitive gameplay with multiple game modes, exciting events, and stunning graphics. There’s also a wide range of weapons that you...

What Type of Free Fire Player Are You?

Free Fire Player Type
In every game, there are a lot of people that you will meet and play with. You sometimes get to make friends because you like how they play, for instance, in a battle royale game like Free Fire. E...

Free Fire Homer Guide: Is he the next meta pick?

Free Fire Homer Guide
Free Fire Homer is the newest character in the game that came with the OB34 update. As a blind assassin, Homer is unique with his ability to release a drone that damages and slows down enemies. Hi...

How to Earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire sans Redeem...

Free Fire Diamonds
Free Fire players spend real money to get skins, characters, emotes, and pets, but did you know that you can get free FF Diamonds besides using redeeming codes? Diamonds cannot be earned simply by pla...

Top five items to get in Free Fire this 2022

Free Fire Best Items 2022
As 2022 unfolds, Free Fire is again geared up to deliver more battle royale action and excitement for everyone! Players are in for tons of cool features, thrilling events to participate and unique...

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