Free Fire Weapon Attachments Guide


Turn your basic guns to lethal weapons with this Free Fire Gun Attachment Guide

Free Fire Gun Attachments

Want to turn your basic weapon into the ultimate killing machine? Get your notes up as this guide can help fetch you some more Booyahs. Achieve maximum damage, get better range, increase movement speed and more as you bless your guns with these attachments.

What are gun attachments?

These are accessories that can be equipped on a number of weapons to get better performance and other advantages. Not many players are familiar with what they can do, so it’s essential to know the right attachments that go with the right guns. Take note that not all weapons have slots for attachments. 

We’ve listed down the weapons and their available attachments for easier reference.

Gun Attachments Free Fire

Far targets will not see any firing indicators like gunfire sound and muzzle flush.

Available for:
AK, AUG, AWM, Desert Eagle, Dragunov, FAMAS, GROZA, Kar98k, M14, M4A1, M500, M82B, MP5, SCAR, SKS, SVD, UMP, USP, XM8
Use this to make your bullets deal maximum damage over long distances.

Available for:
AK, AN94, AUG, AWM, Desert Eagle, Dragunov, FAMAS, GROZA, M14, M4A1, M500, MP5, SCAR, SKS, SVD, Thompson, UMP, USP, XM8
When armed, it lessens bullet spread and facilitates more accurate hip-fire.

Available for:
AK, AN94, AUG, CG15, Dragunov, FAMAS, GROZA, Heat Gun, M14, M4A1, MP5, SCAR, SKS, SVD, Thompson, UMP
Increases the clip size of your gun.

Available for:
AK, AN94, AUG, AWM, CG15, Dragunov, FAMAS, G18, GROZA, M14, M4A1, M60, MGL140, MP40, MP5, P90, SCAR, SKS, SPAS12, SVD, UMP, USP, VSS, XM8
Look further into the distance, give aiming reticle and weapon sight for enlargement.

Available for:
(*Pre-attached with 8x scope), Dragunov (*Pre-attached with 4x scope), FAMAS, GROZA, Heat Gun, Kar98k (*Pre-attached with 8x scope), M14, M4A1, M500 (*Pre-attached with 2x scope), MP5, P90, SCAR, SKS (*Pre-attached with 4x scope), SVD (*Pre-attached with 4x scope), UMP, VSS (*Pre-attached with 4x scope), XM8 (*Pre-attached with 2x scope)
Expands range and movement speed during firing.

Available for:
AK, AN94, AUG, Dragunov, FAMAS, GROZA, M104, M4A1, MP40, P90, SKS, SPAS12, SVD, VSS, XM8

Here are a few more tips. You may encounter weapons that have 1 or 2 slots only. Some have a full load while others completely have none. Select guns also have pre-attached scopes like the Kar98k and SKS so that should cover extended distance from the get-go. It would help if you take time to know the gun stats and how well they stack up as a standalone or with attachments.

If you’re a sniper master who opt to go for precision, long-distance kills, pair your rifle with a scope to magnify your targets and a muzzle to deal more firepower damage.

High-powered assault rifles will benefit more from a magazine to increase its clip size and achieve multiple rounds of ammunition. We highly suggest this for trigger happy players. Just be cautious enough to look at your surroundings rather than just merely spraying bullets.

Continue to practice if you hit or miss. That’s where the fun part lies.

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