MLBB Aamon Hero Guide: Is he a better assassin than Gusion?


Who’s excited for some sibling rivalry between these Paxley brothers?

Mobile Legends released its latest master assassin in Aamon, and many people have thrown the big question: is he better than Gusion? The Duke of Shards is an agile hero with abilities similar to his younger brother Gusion. The difference? Expect a lot of flying shards and surprise attacks from Ammon, who can turn himself invisible. In this post, we’ll hand out some tips and build suggestions to help with your Aamon’s quest for victory.

Are you #TeamAamon or #TeamGusion?

#TeamAamon or #TeamGusion
Do you see the similarities?

Aamon is the elder brother of Gusion and is the current head of the House Paxley. The older Paxley is seen as a nobleman by house tradition, while the fourth child in Gusion is deemed incompetent with his lowly daggers. Determined to prove his worth, Gusion practiced controlling his daggers over the years using magic. And during the coming-of-age ceremony, Gusion made a fuss where Aamon, who he’s genuinely trusted, countered by announcing Gusion’s eviction from the House. You can watch the complete story analysis here

How to win in MLBB using Aamon

Aamon Preview

Aamon has the typical basic skill setup of 3 Active Skills and 1 Passive Skill. According to his in-game details, Aamon’s specialty is Chase / Magic Damage. His passive grants extra movement speed and renders him untargetable.

Aamon Skills / Abilities

Invisible Armor

Aamon enters the Camouflage state each time he hits an enemy with a skill, during which he cannot be targeted, restores 25 (+15% Total Magic Power) plus 4% of his lost HP every 0.6 seconds, and gains 60% extra Movement Speed that rapidly decays over 4 seconds. Upon leaving the Camouflage state, Aamon immediately resets his Basic Attack’s cooldown and enhances his Basic Attack within the next 2.5 seconds. Each enhanced Basic Attack deals 100 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+65% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and reduces Aamon’s skill cooldowns by 0.5 seconds. The first enhanced Basic Attack’s damage is increased to 120% if Aamon leaves the Camouflage state actively.


Soul Shard

Passive: Aamon charges his armor each time he casts a skill or hits an enemy with a skill or enhanced Basic Attack. At 5 charges, Aamon throws [5] shards at the target on his next attack, each shard dealing 40 (+15% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. The shards will then scatter around the target. Active: Aamon throws a shard at a nearby enemy, dealing 150 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Slayer Shards

Aamon throws a shard forward, dealing 120 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the first non-minion enemy hit and slowing them by 50% for 2 seconds. The shard will then return to Aamon immediately. If the shard fails to hit an enemy, it will return to Aamon after a short delay and allow him to enter the Camouflage state.

Endless Shards
Aamon throws all shards at a designated enemy and slows them by 30% for 1.5 seconds. After a short delay, the shards will fly to the enemy’s location again, each dealing 90 (+24% Total Magic Power)-150 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. The shards increase with Aamon’s armor charges and the shards on the ground (8-25). The damage dealt increases with the target’s lost HP, to the maximum when the target’s HP is below 30%. The same target takes less damage from subsequent attacks.

Aamon Play Style


Chase | Magic Damage


Skill Effects

Best lane for Aamon

For assassins like Aamon, focus on Jungle to farm fast and help him level up more quickly. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to get solo kills with a teammate.

Best lane for Aamon

Aamon skill upgrade order

When using Aamon, unlock his Skill 1 first and prioritize upgrading it to max level. Next is Skill 2, which you can upgrade accordingly. Finally, max out on his Ultimate whenever available.

Aamon skills

Best Battle Spell for Aamon

As a jungler, Aamon should make Retribution his primary battle spell.

Best Emblem Set for Aamon

With magic-based abilities, you can go for the Magic Emblem to use for Aamon. Focus on Flow, Observation, and Magic Worship to deal greater burning damage after your skill combos.

Best Emblem Set for Aamon

Best Item Build for Aamon

You can focus on improving his basic attack to reduce the cooldown of his skills. His abilities are more magic-based; a pair of magic items will make him deadlier in battle.

Best Item Build for Aamon

  • Arcane Boots for extra movement speed and magic penetration.
  • Feather of Heaven to amplify the basic attack.
  • Shadow Twinblades for extra Magic Power.
  • Calamity Reaper to enhance basic attack.
  • Holy Crystal to increase Magic Power.
  • Immortality

Why should you use Aamon?

For an assassin class, Aamon fits the role perfectly. 

  • Aamon can easily pick off squishy heroes (Marksmen/ Mages) during and after team fights.
  • He has camouflage skills to sneak on enemies. 
  • He is an efficient killing machine, especially from mid to late game. 
  • Finally, in true assassin style, he simply disappears after getting the job done.

Hero Counters for Aamon

While Aamon can be deadly in battle, he also has his limits. His lack of a blink skill to escape sticky situations makes him too dependent on his invisibility. Using magic defense items, sticking with a group, and even tower-hugging can neutralize this hero. Also, the following hero picks can counter the Duke of Shards.

  • Ruby
  • Eudora
  • Saber

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