PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update: Arcane collaboration, carry function, new RP, and more


PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update

Mirror World is here, and we have the details!

PUBG Mobile players across the globe are in for another epic adventure as Patch 1.7 update has officially arrived in the game. Among the latest content, the new game mode called Mirror World excites us the most! It features the floating Mirror Island, where players can fight as heroes from the League of Legends’ official animated series ARCANE. Check out this post for a rundown of PUBG’s new content.

New game mode: Mirror World

New game mode Mirror World

As the Mirror Island descends in PUBG MOBILE, the two dimensions merge! In this game mode, players enter the floating Mirror Island and fight as heroes from the League of Legends’ official animated series ARCANE.

Gamers can transform into champions to play either Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn to battle against other players. They can also use new weapons and skills and explore the story of ARCANE.

Mirror World

Arcane Heroes

New Royale Pass: Mirror Realm (11/19–12/19)

The Royale Pass Month 5: Mirror Realm also arrives from November 19 to December 19, 2021. It comes with loads of exciting new items that players can sink their teeth into, including The Vanguard and Lethal Creepster. There is also the fancy ‘Duty Till The End’ finishes for Kar98K and MK47.

The Return of the Modes

The Return of the Modes

PUBG Mobile Version 1.7 continues to bring the classic goodness as the following modes and maps will be available again. Players, take note of the following dates!

  • Vikendi: Arrives on November 16 with support for rooms and spectating.
  • Metro Royale: Reunion: Arrives on November 22 with the new Carry feature.
  • Survive Till Dawn: Happens on November 25 and is available every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Supports rooms and spectating.
  • Infection Mode: Begins on November 25 and is available every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Does not support rooms.
  • Payload 2.0: Rolls out on November 25 and is available every Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. Support for rooms and spectating available.
  • Runic Power: Available starting November 25 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Supports rooms and spectating.

Combat Adjustments

The new update also brings several changes in terms of weapon and gameplay. Marksman rifles are improved with increased damage at long range, increased bullet speed, increased recovery speed, so more players will consider using them more often

SLR: Increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.      

SKS: Slightly increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.      

Mini14: Increased damage at long range.

VSS: Slightly increased the weapon’s damage.

On the other hand, the DP28 was nerfed a bit– reduced bullet speed, reduced damage at long range, and reduced headshot damage.

Carry your teammate

An exciting addition to version 1.7 is the new Carry feature. Now you can carry knocked down players and move them to another location. It’s a definition of no one getting left behind!

Brand New Carry System

Experience Improvements

Rounding up the list of new updates, check out the following:

New Season Cycle 1 Season 3

  • Season C1S3 arrives on November 19 and runs until January 17, 2022. Returning exclusive outfits from S1-S4 are also coming. 
  • Improved the presentation of some in-match information to make the combat screen more refreshing with more precise reminders.
  • Improved the Download screen, Sensitivity Settings screen, and the Button Settings screen to make it easier for you to set up your controls.

*Images credit: PUBG Mobile

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