VALORANT’s Enigmatic Night Market Delights


VALORANT Night Market Guide (1)

The VALORANT Night Market is here again. This round of the Night Market now includes a lot of popular weapon skins from sought-after bundles, like the Magepunk Operator and the Reaver Vandal. The sweetest catch is that you may get these skins for a steal price! In this article, we’ll look at the mechanics of the Night Market so you can gain more while spending less.

What is the VALORANT Night Market?

The VALORANT Night Market is held once every Act for at least two weeks. 

Night Market’s appeal is what I call “skins for less.” You get the skins you want for a lesser price. For instance, I bought a Magepunk Operator in Episode 6, Act 2 for 875 VALORANT Points (VP), significantly less than its original price of 1775 VP. If you’re a player who wants to complete a specific set of weapon skin, you can opt to do this route.


The Night Market has one little downside: the skins and guns you’ll get are randomly generated. This means that across all accounts in VALORANT, the skins, and guns are different. If your account has the Ion Phantom and your friend’s account has the Reaver Vandal, you may not exchange the cards. The Night Market cards do not refresh for the duration of the promotion, which means you may have skins you already have or do not want in your Night Market. But, like a merchant of the night, the thrill of knowing what is in this special store is as enchanting as the item’s price.

What To Expect in the Night Market

Even if you’re getting the skins you do not want or already owned, why not take them before they disappear? The price will always be the clincher in the Night Market. While the skins and the price are the main attractions of the Night Market, players can always look forward to sweeter deals in the future. This adds to what can be expected from the Night Market.

Included Skins in the Night Market

Since the skins included in the Night Market are randomized, we can assume that skins from older bundles are included. While the latest to be included in this batch of Night Market are Oni 2.0, Black Market, and Altitude. Take note: Melee weapon skins worth 3,550 VP in their original run will not be included in the Night Market. Exclusive and Ultra tier skins, like the Zedd collaboration, are also not included.

How to Access the Night Market

To access the Night Market, click on the card icon on the top-right side of the VALORANT Home Screen.

Valroant Night Market

From here, you must click the cards to know what guns and skins are in your Night Market for this duration. Again, the items in your Night Market do not refresh even if the cards are flipped again.

Release Date

For this Act, the duration will be from August 9, 2023, until August 28, 2023.

The Night Market offers exciting items at an affordable price. You may opt to get the cheapest deal or wait for the next cycle, but one thing is for sure: the Night Market always delivers skins for less. Check out your Night Market store, and don’t miss out on great savings.

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