Eight types of Mobile Legends players you need to be aware of


Types of Mobile Legends players

The popularity of Mobile Legends has spawned countless gaming communities playing the game and ranking up to the best of their skills. From kids to adults to casual gamers and pros, MLBB has become an epicenter of entertainment. The immense success has created different player types that match up during the game — from good ones to the bad batch. We’ve listed the types of ML players that you need to be aware of. Which one are you?

Let’s begin with the ones you should team up with.

The Mighty Carry

This player is your main man. He is the primary damage dealer, the heavy hitter — in other words, your team’s core. The Carry can be a marksman, an assassin, or in some cases, a mage. His ability to get triple kills to wiping out an entire team with a savage speaks volumes of his excellent understanding of the role. He knows who to eliminate first and when to back down from a clash. It’s a must for every team to have a smart and powerful Carry.

The Best Supporting Ally

Call him the expert wingman! This player ensures that your carries get as many kills as possible by enhancing and sustaining them during team fights. He is pesky and provides quite a distraction to allow their teammates to escape. He has excellent knowledge of when to use crowd control to help the team flee or ambush enemies. Moreover, this support optimizes the heal and shield abilities to keep their damage dealer alive for longer. 

The Reliable Tank

This player is a great facilitator. He protects your core player during farming and clearing minion waves. He’s a good initiator who can set up clashes with perfect timing. He absorbs the bulk of the damage to save teammates. He sets up situations to allow the marksman to feast on free hits. This tank main knows how to maximize crowd control to slow down enemies and let his team capture the objectives.

The next batch is more exciting to discover. But take caution. It won’t be good news.

Different Types of MLBB Players

The Trash Talker

This player has more ‘mouth’ than skills. At the beginning of the game, he will start bad-mouthing opponents to trigger his brand of mind games. Even his teammates are not spared of his tongue lashing. If he doesn’t like what he sees during the draft, he mocks the weaker ones or those with lower ranks or win rates. If you play with a heckler, prepare to receive his notorious one-liner when he gets pissed off: “Let’s fight 1-on-1!”

The KS

The KS (Kill Steal) is notorious for snatching your kills and buffs. Deliberate or not, he manages to do it several times in a game. He has the nerves, or shall we say, the ‘talent’ to take a potential kill away from your KDA stat sheet. One more kill to complete that rare Savage? Oops! Your teammate just took the last hit to stamp his KS-God reputation. When it comes to jungling, even with your most apparent plea to shout ‘RETREAT!’,  the KS will stay along and grab that last hit to snatch the buff away from you.

The Nonstop Chatter

We all know that communication is key to winning in Mobile Legends. You need to talk or chat with teammates to execute the right strategy. However, some players chat endlessly — to joke around,  say something absurd, complain, or just troll everyone. The chatter does it repeatedly that he fails to respond in team fights and defend towers. This habit even gets him killed because he is busy typing. Even worse, he ignorantly chats, not knowing he is already sending team messages to ALL, straight to enemy feed—what a shame.

The Forgetful Farmer

This player is very good at one thing – farming. What makes it worse is that all he does is farm, from the start to the end! He is so absorbed with farming that he fails to participate in crucial team fights, does not gank nor even push for towers. And when he realizes he is needed, the entire team is already dead. This player has poor map awareness; it does not matter whether the Lord/Minions are near the base as long as he gets all the jungle buffs to himself. Greedy.

The Surrender Inciter

This player is a double-edged sword. One, he loves to spam the surrender button. Whether it’s hopelessness from his teammates to being whiny of draft picks to just plainly trolling everyone. He quickly raises the white flag when they trail the opposing team in terms of kills, gold, etc. Second, he is an automatic fail-safe — he triggers surrender after the 5-minute mark when he realizes that a teammate has gone AFK. It’s a good thing. It helps to avoid losing that precious star.

If you’ve been frequently paired with the bad ones, we suggest you play more often with your friends so you can easily make the vital adjustments (hero picking, etc.) compared to playing with strangers. On the other hand, if you randomly match with good players, try adding them so you can team up in the future.

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