Why Top Up MLBB in Codashop


With great service, comes great satisfaction.

Buying app & game credits or e-vouchers has never been easier with Codashop. Credit card, registration or login is not required. Millions of gamers count on Codashop to give their favorite heroes a much-needed lift.

Apart from Mobile Legends’ diamonds, Codashop also offers direct purchase of Twilight Pass and Starlight Membership. They also have many exciting promotions that go side by side when new heroes are introduced in the Land of Dawn and when a shiny, brand new skin is on showcase.

Express Delivery

For first-time users and those who seem a bit shaky in doing online top-up, Codashop guarantees instant peace of mind because your purchases are securely added to your account in a jiffy.

Pay Your Way

Codashop strongly values customer convenience, that’s why they partnered with some of the most trusted payment service centers in India.

Value for Money

Save more when you buy diamonds using e-wallets and look out for exclusive deals only at Codashop.

Our team continuously find ways to bring our users the best deals possible. Keep an eye on our special offers by subscribing to Codashop India blog and by following us on Facebook.

Gaming Haven Plus More

Codashop caters a huge offering of direct top-ups for the best, hi-octane mobile games today bannered by Mobile Legends, Marvel Super War, PUBG, Free Fire, Lords Mobile and more. They also offer exclusive deals on skins and other exciting in-game fixtures.

Netflix junkies will never miss an episode of highly anticipated series as Codashop lets you pay and even gift prepaid codes to binge watch to your hearts desire. Time to grab the popcorn and line-up an all-nighter for some Money Heist Part 4, Crash Landing on You, Castlevania Season 3 and the controversial Spanish science fiction film The Platform — for as low as P149 a month.

One Call Away

When you notice something strange in your purchase, who you gonna call? Codashop Support Team! Their customer service champions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are easy to talk to and are very accommodating. You can also drop them a message via FB messenger and email and they’ll be right on top to deliver the victory!


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