Saturday, October 24, 2020
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5 easy costume ideas in minutes for your virtual Halloween party

Say you’re in a tight spot and highly-pressured to whip up a last-minute costume for your online Halloween ball. You’re also stuck in the...
Cosplay Blog

Cosplay: How to become your favorite character

Cosplay, the art of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, has become an integral pillar in the comic-con...
Free Fire Characters

6 Best Characters to Use in Free Fire

As the Battle Royale scene continues to surge, it’s no surprise that Free Fire is soaring high with its unique approach.One of the factors...
Free Fire Weapon Attachments

Free Fire Weapon Attachments Guide

Turn your basic guns to lethal weapons with this Free Fire Gun Attachment Guide Want to turn your basic weapon into the ultimate killing machine?...
Free Fire Pets Blog

Yes! You can have pets in Free Fire for a thrilling walk in the...

You love pets? We sure do too. And it’s glad to know that the Garena team feels the same way. Beyond cuteness’ sake, these...
Free Fire E-Wallet

How to Top Up Diamonds in Free Fire Using E Wallet Paytm

Buying diamonds in Free Fire is easier, safer and more convenient using Paytm. You only need your mobile phone or any applicable device to...
Free Fire Elite Pass & Bundle

Free Fire Elite Pass and Elite Bundle – All You Need to Know

What is Elite Pass in Free Fire? Garena, in its prime goal of improving gameplay experience for Free Fire, introduced Elite Pass. It’s a tier-based...
PUBG Blog Ancient Secret

Unlock the Ancient Secret in PUBG’s New Game Mode

Here’s one for the PUBG fandom. How does taking on mysterious bosses complete with sand snakes on a floating ruin sound like? Solve puzzles,...
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Five Super Cool Gun Skins You Need to Try in Free Fire

From riveting characters and thrilling gameplay, Free Fire is a treat with its guns. They simply do the talking during games. What better way...
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This is the Codashop App

Welcome, the official Codashop App! After pioneering the ‘web top-up’ model, Codashop shifted gears and entered the mobile app arena. Launched last July 23,...