Super Sus: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play


How to play Super Sus

Have you heard of Super Sus? If it sounds familiar, it’s probably because ‘Sus’ is a term from the game Among Us. Super Sus is a party game played similarly like Among Us. The only difference is that Super Sus has more features and can be played with different modes. The game’s strategy is to survive as an impostor and coordinate with other players to discover the suspicious one.

Super Sus Map

Everything You Need to Know About Super Sus

What is Super Sus and How to Play?

Super Sus is a multi-player game that you can play with friends or random players via a room invitation. It is highly similar to Among Us; however, some of the game’s dynamics are different. You can play different modes like ranked mode; the better you play, the better you will rank. You can select roles and skins in Super Sus, which is far more different from Among Us. The graphics are also excellent; experience a better gameplay experience with 3D.

Super Sus Game Modes

Roles to Choose

Paying attention to your role in Super Sus is vital to winning a game. Compared to the impostor-spacecrew roles that we are used to, Super Sus offers 33 roles that you can choose. You can select a random role before the game starts or pick one from the boxes. You may also decide what role you want to play once you get a new role. Each role comes with specific tasks to complete, which would earn a player more trophies.

Super Sus Roles

What is a Golden Star and How to Get it?

Golden Star is the virtual currency of Super Sus that lets you purchase in-game items such as skins, features, and role cards. Buying a Golden Star enables you to top up your gaming experience. There are also other virtual currencies in the game, like Donut and Cookie. Like a Golden Star, you can also purchase in-game items with Donut and Cookie, like clothing and other items in the in-game mall, shorten the cooling time of treasure chests, grab ID cards during the game, etc. Remember that topping up a Donut is more expensive than a Cookie, so you may want to consider that.

Tips & Tricks on Playing The Game

Super Sus MVP

Practice can improve your Super Sus gameplay, but learning different tricks can help you rank higher and earn more trophies. Mastering the maps is an important trick that you should remember. Knowing the ins and outs, where the vents are, the blind spots, the uncrowded areas, and the possible site of killings would help you discover the impostor easier. If you are the impostor, it is easier for you to camp and wait for your next victim. It will also help you complete more tasks by knowing the task’s location. There are four (4) maps available in Super Sus, (1) Spaceship; (2) Air Force Lab; (3) Mars Base; (4) Giant Airship. 

There is no definite strategy that you should do since the behavior of other gamers is very unpredictable. Being intelligent and subtle with your moves is essential to being the last man standing. Like with Among Us, there are debate times whenever a dead body is being reported, where your best acting and best moves should be seen. Know that you cannot trust anyone in this game; even the person who reported the body, or the witness, might be the impostor and are just trying to cover what they did. Sound reasoning and critical thinking are needed before deciding who to vote out as an impostor. One wrong accusation means a higher probability of the impostor getting away.

If you are the impostor, you have to give your best effort to look like you’re one of them. You are an impostor for a reason. Super Sus has a voice chat feature to allow players to fully express and defend themselves. So, bring that convincing voice and confuse other players to win the game.

Knowing your next move, having a backup plan, and being able to defend yourself are also important. Be assertive and engaging during the discussion to avoid attention and make your fellow spacecrew think you are an ally. Playing Super Sus should not cause a rift between you and your friends. This is one of the best ways to hang out with friends and see who plays the best impostor! Super Sus promotes cooperation and sound reasoning for you to discover the real impostor. You’ll need help from your spacecrew, but you still can’t trust anyone.

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