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Deitrich-Character Champion CodaCoda Champions: Deitrich in Singapore

In celebration of Codashop’s six years of bringing the fastest and easiest top-up experience, we turn the spotlight on inspiring Codans who champion Coda values and excel in their own fields. Detrich, our resident game guru/streamer supreme, and Esports Marketing Manager, gives his thoughts on the Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger and how ecstatic it is to run the first-ever Codashop Global Series in Laos.


What is your favorite video game?

Chrono Trigger. This Super Nintendo classic is the first real game that got me hooked into gaming. Its multiple ending and the nice storyline are superb! I was able to finish it multiple times and it simply broke the norm. Another one is Tekken 7. It’s a really good game for Esports. A straight-up fighting game with no blood and gore. The people’s interaction playing it is actually good — the Tekken Fighting Community has been very supportive of Tekken and spans many countries.

What do you like most about Coda?

I’ve been with Coda for almost a year, and what helps working here is everybody has a mindset of exchanging information and wants to contribute. Working here gave me the opportunity to expand my view of Esports not just in Southeast Asia but to the World. Simply put, if you love Dota 2 and you’re watching The International (TI) in France, the guy next to you might ask who your favorite team is. You’d be surprised that other nationalities also like your preferences. Esports connects people and the world together.

What do you think Coda will be like after 6 more years?

I hope that after 6 more years, Coda is well-recognised in the Esports community with lots of Codashop Global Series tournaments and Esports engagements. Providing more opportunities for rising Esports companies to shine, as well as promoting talents that are up and coming, shoutcasters and influencers alike. 

What’s your favourite Coda moment?

Launching the Codashop Global Series, our local community Esports tournament, has been very rewarding especially our first CGS event in Laos. Planning for two months, getting the various elements in place, and having CGS translated to 12 different countries! I’m proud of the huge amount of people registering for the tournament and watching the streams. It’s also a joy to work with a wonderful production crew together with the 3-man shoutcasting ‘Dream Team’ casting in Laos. CGS Laos is the benchmark of what community tournaments can do to provide players with a competitive platform to play on and also grow together with other like minded players too.

As a gamer dude, who are you as a video game character?

*Pauses. Hmm. I would have to say Kratos from God of War. I’m tenacious like him. Sans the good voice. <lol>




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