Most Anticipated Free Fire Tournaments in 2020


Free Fire - Tournament

It’s that time of the year once again when Free Fire players, streamers and dear fans, convene in the most-awaited tournaments the Garena fam has organized. Are you up for the challenge? Learn about upcoming events, meet new connections and have fun watching all the action as teams battle against the world’s greatest shooters.

And oh, shout out Booyah with bragging rights to top it all!

Free Fire Asia All-Stars

June 2020 is action-filled with various Free Fire tournaments as Garena hosts the Free Fire Asia All-Stars (FFAA) 2020. Slated to commence on June 12 and 13, the online tournament will see both pro players and streamers from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and India strut their stuff and fight for the top prize of US$80,000. Catch all the action from the comfort of your home through online streaming via YouTube and local casters available in multiple languages.

Influencer All-Stars (June 12, 2020
12 teams, 3 each from each region, will slug it out for the right to claim the whopping prize of $30,000. Participating teams are a mix of pro players and streamers.

Pros All-Stars (June 13, 2020)
The following day will pit the top pro teams from the 4 regions to duke out to be the inaugural champs for this event. Each of the 4 regions will have their top 3 teams as their representative to fight for the insane $50,000 prize.

Tournament Mechanics
The two-day tournament will employ the same format. 6 rounds of play, 3 maps to conquer (Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari). Points system will be based on ranking per round and kill count. Reach 20 points to snatch a Booyah with the team awarded 2 points for each kill. The highest-scoring team after the 6 matches will be declared the king of the hill at the end of the tournament.

Stay tuned to Garena’s official Facebook page for more detailed information and other announcements.

Free Fire India Solos 2020 (FFIS)
Garena has teamed up with Paytm First Games to bring you the FFIS 2020 tournament. The first of its kind, this tourney will give a shot to thousands of players in India (both casual gamers and pros) to become the best solo player in the league. It will feature two legs: Masters and Streamers showdown played under Battle Cage mode. It’s slated to take place from May and June this year, all happening from their own homes.

FFIS Masters
Get ready to pull the trigger in this open event which will pit casual and pro players in a battle of wits and sniping skills. The qualifying round will have an estimate of 20,000 players vying for top position. This will be followed by a league stage which will determine the top 12 teams that will qualify for the championship round. Level restrictions will be strictly employed to promote fair gameplay.

FFIS Streamers Showdown
Casters take the spotlight as 48 leading streamers across India try to outgun each other for the top spot. The format will follow single round elimination, with the top 3 finishers from 4 groups each, moving on to meet in the finals.

For all the fans and supporters, the games will be live-streamed via Garena YouTube channel and on their official Facebook page. Paytm users can also have a fill of all the action using their Paytm First Games App, Paytm App, and Paytm First Games Esports YT account.


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