Join the 3volution! 8 things we’re ecstatic about Free Fire OB23


Free Fire OB23 Update

For its 3rd Anniversary, Free Fire rolled out its OB23 update globally last July 29. Entitled 3volution, the update brings massive changes and gnarly additions to the battle royale. Numerous improvements have also been carried out to optimize the gaming experience.

So, let’s cut the intro. Here are the favorite features in 3evolution we can’t wait to try.

Clash Squad Mode Season 2

First on the list is Clash Squad Season 2, beginning July 30. Players with Rank Gold III or higher will receive an exclusive Golden G18. Sweet!

New Characters

Prepare to score your own hat trick with Luqueta, the footballer. His skill, aptly called Hat Trick, increases his Max HP by 8/10/12/14/16/18 (up to 35) after every kill. Hayato Firebrand, an elite version of the legendary Samurai warrior, is the second awakened character in the game. His Arts of Blades reduces frontal damage by up to 40%. Available on August 22 for FREE.

New Pet

The penguin with the swagger, Mr. Waggor will see to it that you don’t run out of gloo wall in your pocket. His Smooth Gloo can produce 1 Gloo Wall grenade every [120/100/100] seconds.

New Weapon

Say hello to this thing of (lethal) beauty. The AUG assault rifle is agile and very flexible to use for mid, close and long-range shooting. Available for Classic and Clash Squad (Rank & Classic) to do your bidding.

Damage Ratio: 31
Magazine Capacity: 35
Rate of fire: .147
Comes with pre-attached 2x scope that is interchangeable with other scopes.

Improved gun performance has also been rolled out for AK, FAMAS, M249, SPAS12 and XM8. Good for all modes.

New Spawn Island: The Runway

This welcome addition brings a whole new terrain to explore.

New Item: Horizaline Revive Kit

Will the real, independent players please stand up? This hot new item gives fallen players who are not revived by teammates another crack at joining the fight. The Horizaline can revive a player with 100HP and restore combat ability albeit at an expensive price tag. Available in classic.

Better Aim Assist

Players can now breathe a sigh of relief. The Aim Assist mechanism in Clash Squad has been adjusted to prioritize targeting enemies seen as threats and engaged in combat instead of focusing on fallen foes.

Vehicle Speed Adjustment

Need for speed? Say no more, fam. Max speed adjustment for vehicles has been employed including:
Motorbike: 120km/h->130km/h
Jeep: 100km/h-> 110km/h
TuTu: 90km/h-> 100km/h
SUV: 130km/h->120km/h

Other notable optimization and bug fixes:

  • New match summary page for Clash Squad and Gun King.
  • Players can now send a system-generated link to invite friends to join their party.
  • Optimized in-game weapon HUD.
  • The Thermal Scope can now see through smoke grenades.
  • Party invitation display optimization.
  • Updated new contents into the FF Journal.
  • Close combat mode introduction video display optimization.
  • Optimized the overtime display for TDM mode.
  • Parachuting animation optimization.
  • Kalahari has now been added to the custom rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where players can leave the preparation area in some modes before freezing time is over.

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