Free Fire Sushi Menace Elite pass


The Sushi Menace elite pass introduces Taku and Shiori, the owners and chefs of the House of Knives. These martial arts experts don’t just know their way around a California roll; they are weapon masters in their own right, with Shiori specialising in pistols and knives, and Taku preferring katanas and rifles.

The owners of the House of Knives take on a comic book-like lifestyle, working days at their sushi restaurant, and nights as the Sushi Menace, a bounty hunting group. The elite pass doesn’t just put sushi on the menu though. There are a load of skins and backpacks, some of which include special effects.

There are plenty of juicy rewards for you to get your hands on in the Sushi Menace elite pass. We’ve listed a few examples of the sushi themed rewards below:

  • Sashimi slasher bundle skin (male)
  • Ramen slayer bundle skin (female)
  • Sashimi boat backpack skin
  • Salmon surfer skin
  • Sushi Menace grenade skin

These 2 chefs are for sure having an appetite for some fights. In a hidden sushi bar, no one knows how heat up the action can get. You say their food is not fresh enough? Maybe a little taste of your own blood will help freshen things up . Hurry Log onto Codashop to up your diamonds now.

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