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Plus get to know Jenny — our new host who loves Yoru and Kirby

Codashop is your go-to place to top-up the hottest online games. From mighty MOBAs to battle royale bigs and fan-favorite RPGs, you can find them all here. Apart from the awesome deals, Codashop also brings cool content to help level up your gaming experience.

Introducing Codashop Plays, our super fun gaming series on YouTube where you can catch the first look at the latest games, know the biggest updates, and discover new events. Explore the new map in VALORANT, learn tricks on League of Legends straight from the pros, and find out why Bullet Angel is worth the shot! All you have to do is to subscribe to our Global YouTube channel to watch new episodes every month.

Watch, Learn, and Have Fun

In Codashop Plays, gamers can have a feel for new games available on Codashop. Viewers can check out gaming gear that our host and guests will get their hands on. Planning to get a new gaming headset? Our surprise guest can help you decide. Watch playthroughs to help you level up. See your favorite Esports personalities slay in 1v1 showmatches. Each episode is brimming with something new and exciting!

This new platform also aims to bring together the Codashop gaming community to connect and talk about what’s happening in the world of gaming.

Watch the First Episode Here.

Jenny from the block!

Codashop had the chance to talk to the new host of Codashop Plays, Jenny “Reirachu” Lee, and found out more about her gaming connection.

Jenny is an Esports Host and Shoutcaster based in Singapore, and she has been working in Esports since 2015. Jenny’s work in the gaming industry has brought her to different places including Dubai, France, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and all the way to Poland! Jenny is currently the Host/Interviewer for the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series and Caster/Host for VALORANT for FSL.

TeamFPS or TeamMOBA?

Jenny is a certified TeamMOBA! She joins fellow summoners who pledge allegiance to playing League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics. She is also locked in on the upcoming Pokémon UNITE. 

Yoru image from Riot Games / VALORANT

She also plays a lot of VALORANT. In fact, if she had to live in a world (based on the last game she played), she would spend most of her time hiding in Bind on defense with a shotgun Judge! Jenny also kind of wishes Yoru were real and she could marry him in real life.

If you can have one power of any video game character, who would it be?

“I think having the power to control the universe and the stars like Aurelion Sol would be cool. But honestly, as a kid, my childhood dreams were shaped around trying to become Kirby”, she adds.

What are you most excited about Codashop Plays?

“We have a ton of cool guests lined up for the show, from pro players to popular streamers and other personalities, and I can’t wait for you guys to meet them!”

Tips for aspiring casters

As a seasoned shoutcaster, Jenny has some advice for aspiring casters. Shoutcasters must practice, (grow) their network, and always have good showreel clips ready. They should also make friends with people in the space (Twitter is great for this), catch live events (safely and if possible) and see if any producers/current casters will take a look at your casting clips. Ask them for tips or what you can improve on. Once you land your first gig, just keep improving.

How can viewers find you next?

You can reach out to Jenny via her social media channels:


And of course, don’t forget to watch her on the next episode of Codashop Plays! See you there!



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