Free Fire New Hero Alert: Dasha the Prankster and Rebel!


Free Fire Dasha and Rockie

Free Fire once again added to its exciting roster a brand new character, this time bringing in someone with an attitude! Meet Dasha, the notorious prankster and rebel who won’t clown around in battle. She is the 34th character in the game, making the battle for Booyah more thrilling and competitive!

Character Ability

Dasha has the passive ability called “Partying On” which has several influences including:

  • Reduces the maximum recoil by 6%
  • Reduces the rate of recoil build up by 6%
  • Cuts down the damage taken from falls by 30%
  • Lowers the recovery time from falls by 60%

Level up the character to gain increased ability. Achieve the following stats at maximum level:

  • Reduces the maximum recoil by 10%
  • Reduces the rate of recoil build up by 10%
  • Cuts down the damage taken from falls by 50%
  • Lowers the recovery time from falls by 80%

New Character Dasha

With that said, it can be seen that Dasha can be pretty durable and survive better in the duration of the game given her passive skill. She is built to be mobile, effectively fleeing from danger and even chasing down enemies. Plus, she can be more effective with gun use by reducing the rate of recoil buildup. 

Players can give her a slick new look by getting Dasha’s Character Set called Rebellious Prankster Set. It’ll be available once players have obtained this new character.

New pet Rockie

A new pet has also been introduced to the game and will likely be available soon! Rockie, the raccoon with a punk rock getup complete with a green mohawk, will come in handy for players during battle. Its skill called Stay Chill is a game-changer as it decreases the cooldown time of equipped active skill by 6%. Level up Rockie to gain up to 15% in cooldown reduction. Alok would be a good pair for this new pet.

New Pet Rockie

What do you think of these new additions? Let us know your thoughts!

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