Best Heroes to Buy in Mobile Legends this 2020


Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s that time again when ML users ask themselves: Who’s my next hero? Ready your BPs and Diamonds as we uncover the best heroes to buy in Mobile Legends this 2020!

1. Granger

Without a doubt, he’s one of the deadliest and sleekest shooters in the league. The musician marksman’s arsenal of skills is remarkable with his smooth Dashrondo, escape tactics and coordinated body motion.

Granger still boasts high burst damage even with the recent nerf. He uses 6 bullets at a time, with the 6th (his favorite number) dealing critical damage.

He’s a consistently picked hero in rank for consecutive months, with performance accurate from start to finish. As a carry, he can farm fast. And he requires no mana at all.

What’s cooler is when he transforms his violin into a loaded gun with 3 super bullets, making his ultimate one of the grooviest in form.

Did you know that Granger is tone-deaf? Yes! He’s so bad at playing violin that his nemesis just loses focus in the battlefield.

 2. Diggie

If your main goal is to annoy and disrupt enemy team chemistry, Diggie is a prolific support who’ll do the trick.

Don’t be fooled with his adorable looks, Diggie has impressive poke damage from his first skill. He specializes in dismantling crowd control effect with an imposing ultimate by creating temporary immunity to shield the team. This makes him an instant asset in clashes and acts as an escape maneuver. Many brand him an effective META counter.

Diggie is at the rafters as one with the highest win rate in rank at 55%. In egg form, he can prick a small amount of damage. And if you’re persistent, you can even go for the kill. (Trust me, I’ve had ample success.)

Pair him with Nana and you’ll get a demolition derby most notorious for crowd control and annoyance. Is Diggie worthy? Hoot! Hoot!

3. Khufra

The greedy ruler from the Western Desert, Khufra thirsts for power. It’s essential to take him as your main tank with his strong crowd control. With the emergence of Atlas in the banned section, expect Khufra to remain in the battlefield spotlight.

Khufra’s lockdown and durable defense is a thorn for agile heroes like Gusion and Fanny. His second skill, Bouncing Ball, where he wraps himself up in bandages into a magical bouncing ball, is effective against enemies using blink skills as they get knocked out. In need of massive damage to push during team clash? Look no further!

To make things more interesting, the spell curse left by Esmeralda buffs the range of his next basic attack for several seconds.

4. Lesley

You can’t spell tactical without Lesley and her camouflage and knockback abilities. This ghostly marksman/assassin from Vance with her heirloom rifle, delivers superb critical damage and big advantage with her long-range skills…

Her Ultimate Snipe locks in enemy targets and blasts 4 fatal bullets of physical damage. Once you get targeted, pray that an ally will shield you from impending doom. Not to mention her late-game clutch heroics screaming of Savages!

Lesley has been a consistent top-5 pick during ranked games, which simply shows her worth in the team. After all, her sniper is always ready.

5. Nana

How can someone so cute be effective and annoying at the same time? Nana as the new META? You bet.

Crowd control? Big check! The sight of Nana’s feline friend will get on your nerves during push and team fights. Molina morphs and slows down enemies for 1.5 seconds. Effective ultimate? Check! The Molina Blitz deals Magic Damage up to 680 points and adds a 1-second stunner on a single foe if continuously hit.

As a mage/support, Nana is pretty easy to use and is appealing to both males and females. In fact, she just became the top-picked hero for this March. Her new Mecha Baby skin adds grit and spank to her character. The rear jet thrusters plus grid effect on her ultimate are welcome additions.

Best of all, you can own Nana at just 6500 BPs. (Cheap) adventure is waiting for you!

6. X-Borg

X-Borg, the traumatized teen fighter, has been steadily lighting it up as one of the most used heroes in ranked match. His inclusion in the Top 10 during the first quarter of 2020 is due to his very good regen and burst damage.

As a master of regen, X-Borg makes excellent use of his Firaga Armor (passive) to absorb damage. Smart pants made it dynamic that when his armor runs out of HP, it disengages. The armor is an extension of X-Borg’s HP, with the ability to be restored up to 30% when his energy fills up. And if that’s not impressive enough, X-Borg uses Firaga supplies from enemies and jungle monsters to heal himself AND his armor. Slaying him will require major bargaining.

His first skill sprays enemies with a flamethrower to deal up to 100 Physical Damage. His ultimate, aptly named the Last Insanity, punishes foes with huge burst damage for 3 seconds.

But wait, there’s more! He then removes his armor and self-destructs for more mayhem, good for 15% true damage of the rival’s max HP.


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