Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 6 Best Weapons to Use for Beginners


Battlegrounds Mobile India

New to Battlegrounds Mobile India and looking for the best weapons to use? You’re in the right spot as we share with you six of the best, beginner-friendly guns in the game. The firearms in BGMI have remained the same from their mother title, but newbies might still need assistance to adjust to the guns to fit their play style. As with any battle royale game, knowing which gun to pick is essential and which ones to avoid to help you get that chicken dinner!



When it comes to being effective and easy to operate, the SCAR-L is an excellent pick-up for an assault rifle for beginners. It uses 5.56 mm ammo, has decent speed, and is suitable for close and up to to long-range shooting. It can be fitted with several weapon attachments for improved performance. Stable in automatic mode, this gun is a good choice for most situations to help newbies.



Another one in the AR class, the M416, is an excellent all-around assault rifle ideal for new players. It has less recoil that can be easily mastered with practice, uses 5.56 rounds with a decent fire rate, and can be equipped with different weapon attachments to flourish. The M416 is excellent for shooting in close and mid-range combat.


This gun is convenient in battle with its single shot and 3-round burst mode option. When used in close range, the M16A4 can deal severe damage and is super fast when shooting. During medium and long-distance shooting, this assault rifle is highly deadly. The ammo type is 5.56 mm, and the damage hits at 43. Overall, the M16A4 is a good choice for beginners to gun down enemies.



Newcomers will love this submachine gun to do their bidding on the battlefield. The UZI is an excellent option for close-range combat with its relatively high fire rate. When faced with a 1v1 situation, this SMG can easily defend against enemies. It uses 9 mm bullets and has a base damage of 26. Users can also improve its stability by using attachments.



Many consider the UMP45 as the most stable weapon in BGMI. With its low recoil, beginners will have a grand time using this SMG to fight off enemies in close combats. It also comes with one of the highest damage stats in the game. One tip: use a compensator and a foregrip, and you won’t feel any recoil. Well, almost.



Rounding up our list of the best guns for beginners is this light machine gun (LMG). The DP-28 shoots 7.62 mm heavy bullets (47 rounds) and is a reliable weapon designed with high stability. Newbies will find this gun suitable for mid-range combat as it provides decent damage and firepower. Its bipod is most beneficial to reduce recoil while in the prone position. Are you planning to destroy enemy vehicles? Hoist this one up!

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