Participate in Codaclub Monthly Leaderboard Contest and win ₹500 worth of gaming credits from Codashop !!


? Great Opportunity ? Win Diamonds, Gold, VIP Points, Coupons, Tokens and many more…

Create engaging discussions about your favourite games and get a chance to win Codashop Top Up Credits worth ₹500.

What you need to do?

  1. Register on Codaclub Community and put “India” as your country: Register Here
  2. Must upload a minimum of 5 meaningful discussions in Codaclub India throughout the month to be eligible for the contest.
  3. Be active throughout the month and engage with the community through relevant comments and gain positive reactions to increase points.

Who will win?

?????️ Top 5 Community Members from India according to the Monthly Points Leaderboard will win rewards worth INR 500 each. Winners will get the opportunity to choose any Top Up Credits within INR 500 from: Codashop India 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Contents should be meaningful else they won’t be considered.
  2. Discussions asking for Free Diamonds will be deleted.
  3. Don’t spam the Forum with irrelevant/unnecessary comments else you may be flagged as Spam ➡️ Warned ➡️ Banned. Spamming will result in decreasing of points.
  4. If any member is found making fake profiles or trying illegal ways to top the leaderboard we will not consider that member regardless of his position.
  5. Codaclub Authority reserves the right to decide any changes. All Entries submitted will individually be judged by Codaclub based on the creativity of their Entries, and winners will be selected by Codaclub at its sole discretion.


  1. How to upload a content? Click here: Starting a Discussion
  2. What are the house rules? Click here: House Rules
  3. How to take membership to next level? Click here: Level up Membership & increase Points
  4. How to check my Leaderboard position? Click here: Global 500
  5. Contest Validity? 1st – 30th April 2021

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