MLBB: Best Heroes to Counter Julian

MLBB Best Heroes to Counter Julian
One of Mobile Legends Forsaken Light Heroes is the Fighter/Mage hybrid, Julian. Many players say he’s broken because of his high damage output and some invulnerability with his 2nd Skill (Blink). ...

How to counter Bruno in Mobile Legends

Bruno, the protector of Eruditio, is one of the most high-impact heroes in MLBB. He’s a popular pick for new warriors because his kit is straightforward and easy to master. He may be highly depend...

Mastering MLBB’s Roaming Heroes: Expert Tips &...

Best Roaming Heroes
Get ahead in Mobile Legends with our expert guide to the best roaming heroes. Explore top picks, tips, and strategies for your next game.

MLBB M4 World Championship: What Happens Next?

MLBB M4 Tournament Details
The Mobile Legends M4 Championship is finally over, with new legends Echo emerging as this year's champions by dethroning Blacklist International in a battle for the ages. The M4 Grand Finals was fill...

Mobile Legends Updates: New patch, revamped heroe...

Mobile Legends Patch Notes
Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.7.20 has finally arrived on the official server and there are plenty of upgrades and changes in store for players. Headlining the list is a pair of revamped heroes and...

Mobile Legends: 5 Heroes to Pair with Novaria

MLBB Best Heroes to partner Novaria
These five legends will bring Novaria's damage output to new heights!

MLBB Cyclops Hero Guide: Items, Emblems, Strategy

MLBB Cyclops Hero Guide
Learn how to master the Starsoul Mage with this MLBB Cyclops hero guide. Discover the best items, emblems, and strategies to dominate the game.

MLBB Neobeasts Event Guide: Exclusive Skins and Mo...

Mobile Legends Neobeast Skin
Learn everything about the new MLBB Neobeasts event and get yourself some awesome new skins!

Burn Brighter with StarLight Membership Skin Thamu...

MLBB Starlight Member Thamuz
Unleash the power of Mobile Legends' June StarLight Pass! Discover new skins and emotes, and dive into the StarLight Thamuz event.

From Pixel to Perfection: MLBB Heroes’ Stunn...

Hero Revamp Evolution of Looks on MLBB heroes
Explore the stunning transformation of MLBB Heroes' looks over the years, from pixelated beginnings to breathtaking perfection.

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