MLBB Transformers: 5 Heroes we’d like to see...

MLBB Transformers Skins Encore Event
The Cybertronians have arrived, and once again, the Land of Dawn is brimming with fierce battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The MLBB x Transformers event encore brings back the same...

MLBB: Be a Master Roamer with these Roaming Blessi...

Improve your roaming skills with this MLBB Roaming Blessings guide! Learn the differences, tips, and hero picks for effective roaming.

Reaching New Heights: MLBB’s Immortal Rank S...

Mythical Immortal MLBB
Uncover the Mythical Immortal Rank in Mobile Legends. Rise to the top and prove your skills. Learn more about this newest rank in this article!

Best Heroes to Counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends...

MLBB Benedetta Counter
The best MLBB Heroes to counter the high-tier Assassin, Benedetta. Learn about how to counter her, items to use, and the Heroes to pick in this guide.

Mobile Legends: New Valentine skins for Claude and...

Mobile Legends Valentine Box Event
Preparing something sweet and cheesy this Valentine’s Day? If you’re an MLBB player, feel the love in-game with new Valentine-themed skins for Claude and Fanny. And the passion does not there! The...

MLBB: Voice It Out With the New Layla’s Work...

Layla Workshop (What is it and how does it work)
Layla's Workshop is now online. Log in and join the discussion!

MLBB: Best Heroes to Counter Julian

MLBB Best Heroes to Counter Julian
One of Mobile Legends Forsaken Light Heroes is the Fighter/Mage hybrid, Julian. Many players say he’s broken because of his high damage output and some invulnerability with his 2nd Skill (Blink). ...

MLBB: Novaria Hero Guide

MLBB-Novaria Hero Guide
Unlock the power of Novaria, the mythical hero in Mobile Legends! Explore an in-depth guide and skill analysis. Level up your gameplay now!

Get Your Squad Back Together with MLBB’s Fri...

MLBB Call Back Event
Unlock rewards with MLBB's Friend Call Back Event. Get insights and tips from our articles. Don't miss out on maximizing your benefits.

MLBB Heroes to counter Roger

MLBB Heroes to counter Roger
Roger is one of the top favorite marksmen among the MLBB heroes pool. Aside from he is a well-known marksman, he is also considered a fighter who brought the damage he could deal with. Brought by ...

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