MLBB: Five Heroes to Counter Fredrinn


Best Heroes to Counter Fredrinn

Fredrinn left his home at an early age and rejected the perks of a noble life to fulfill his hunger for freedom and adventure. He was exploring an ancient altar in Los Pecados with his friend Fray when they accidentally stumbled upon a sinister ritual.

Ghostly figures ran wild, triggering the ruin’s collapse. Amidst the chaos, Fray activated a magical crystal that led Fredrinn out of harm’s way. When Fredrinn woke up, all he found was Fray’s compass which spun wildly, seemingly looking for its owner.

Fredrinn decided to stay in Los Pecados as a treasure appraiser to look for clues that could help him reunite with Fray.


Fredrinn’s powers come from the magical crystal Fray entrusted to him. It grants him the ability to generate HP based on the damage he takes, making him an incredibly resilient frontliner.

Passive – Crystalline Armor

Fredrinn gains 1 Combo Point each time his skills hit a non-minion enemy. Combo Points are used to activate his 3rd and Ultimate skills.

Fredrinn stores 100% of the damage he received within the last 5 seconds as Crystal Energy and converts 25% of the damage he deals into HP.

Skill 1 – Piercing Strike

Fredrinn thrusts his sword, slowing enemies by 30% while increasing the attack range of his next Basic Attack.

Skill 2 – Brave Assault

Fredrinn dashes in the target direction dealing Physical Damage to the first non-minion enemy hit. His next Basic Attack knocks the target airborne.

Skill 3 – Energy Eruption

Fredrinn deals Physical Damage to nearby enemies and taunts them for 1 second. It grants him extra Physical and Magic Defense and reduces the cooldowns of his 1st and 2nd skills by 75%. Costs 1 Combo Point.

Ultimate – Appraiser’s Wrath

Fredrinn slams his sword in the target direction in a fan-shaped area after a short delay. Enemies in the centre of the area take 175% Critical Damage. Costs 3 Combo Points.

Tips to counter Fredrinn

Stringing skills together is Fredrinn’s key to having a major impact on the game. Packing enough slows and stuns to keep him from doing his combos and recovering will significantly reduce his tankiness.

  • Use a lot of slows and stuns to keep him from “stealing” HP with his attacks.
  • Don’t try to burst him down in one go, and use time to your advantage. His HP Regen decays after 5 seconds, so if you space your damage-dealing skills optimally, you can limit the amount of HP he gets back.
  • Use heroes that deal True Damage to negate his bulked-up defence in the late game.

Heroes to counter Fredrinn


MLBB Karrie

Karrie can easily slice through Fredrinn’s DEF-heavy build with her Lightwheels that deal continuous True Damage. Phantom Step is a low-cooldown Blink useful in chasing Friedrinn or dodging his HP-regenerating skills and Crowd Control.

As a highly mobile Marksman, Karrie will have almost no trouble controlling distance and dictating the fight against Fredrinn. Save your Ultimate and use it when he is immobilized or when there’s nobody he can trigger his HP-regen with.


MLBB Baxia

If hitting and running is not your style, you can play as Baxia and go toe to toe with Fredrinn. This tank is packed with Crowd Control skills and a Passive that puts dirt in Fredrinn’s eyes. Baxia Mark reduces enemies’ Shield and HP Regen by 30% and reduces the final damage he receives by 25.

Go for Dominance Ice in the mid-game to further negate his HP Regen and burn him down with Glowing Wand’s DOT (damage over time) in the late game. EZ!


MLBB Dyrroth

With Dyrroth, you can shred down Fredrinn with sheer force and power. His low-cooldown skills provide a consistent damage output that can render his HP Regen useless. Dyrroth also regenerates HP with his passive, which adds some durability.

Cut Fredrinn down with Burst Strike and relocate with Spectre Step from time to time before delivering the coup de grace with your Ultimate, Abysm Strike.



Fredrinn thrives on the front lines. Use Gloo’s unrivalled slows and CC to put him in a sticky situation. Build up Sticky stacks with Skills 1 and 2 and use your Ultimate to drag him out of damage-dealing range if he ever manages to reach it.


MLBB Wanwan

High mobility and True Damage are Wanwan’s recipe for success in a clash against Fredrinn. Wear him down with Sleeve Darts and hop out of his range. If he closes the gap with Brave Assault, bring out your Crossbow of Tang and take advantage of its invincible state. “Wake up” with Skill 2 if he manages to land a Crowd Control skill on you.

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