Mobile Legends Gloo Hero Guide: Divide and conquer with this sticky tank


Stick like glue and immobilize enemies. Even an Aldous ally can gain stacks from his ‘little goo’

Moonton is at it again, this time with another unique hero for Mobile Legends — Gloo! This Swamp Spirit is nothing like other tanks as he can ‘split’ into 12 little goos, attach to a target and transmit magic damage to its poor host. But wait, there’s more to that! Better check out this hero guide to be the first in the cluster to know about his flexible abilities!

How to win in MLBB using Gloo

Mobile Legends - Gloo

Maximize his multi-purpose ‘split’

When Gloo activates his ultimate skill cleverly named Split, Split, not only can he use it to attack enemies and protect himself, his allies can also benefit from it too.

Gloo Skills / Abilities

Stick, Stick

Enemies gain a stack of Sticky each time they’re hit by Gloo’s skills, decreasing Movement Speed by 6% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 5. Each stack of Sticky on an enemy reduces their damage dealt to Gloo by 6%.

Slam, Slam

Gloo reaches out and slams the ground, dealing 360 / 400 / 440 / 480 / 520 / 560 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the enemy.

On the final location, a Goo is left behind, and after 3 seconds it explodes to deal 270 / 300 / 330 / 360 / 390 / 420 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for 1 second. Gloo can also make the Goo explode immediately by touching it.

Pass, Pass

Gloo stretches forth to deal 360 / 390 / 420 / 450 / 480 / 510 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in its path, immobilizing them 0.5 second. If this skill hits a Goo, Gloo will charge over to it, dragging enemies in its path over with it.

Split, Split

Gloo splits into 12, for up to 10 seconds. They each have 25% HP, and during this time all Goos can move together freely as they increasing their Movement Speed by 25%. Gloo recovers 4% / 4.5% / 5% of his Max HP every 1 second and deals 120 (+25% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.4 second to target it impacts.

Grab, Grab

Grab, Grab: Gloo attaches itself to a target enemy hero with full Sticky stacks, immediately regaining 40% / 45% / 50% of its own Max HP, during which it cast skills with cooldown times halved, but cannot move. 80% of the damage it receives (before damage reduction) is transmitted to its host as Magic Damage, 20% of this regained as its own HP (excludes damage from Turrets). Lasts 6 seconds.

Goo, Goo: Gloo can choose to leave the host before the effect duration is over.

Gloo Play Style


Regen | Control


Skill Effects

So, are you excited about this new tank hero? Stay tuned to our next post and we will share with you the best build for Gloo plus the best hero combos and counters against him. Gloo is now available to purchase at the shop for 32,000 BPs or 599 Diamonds.

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