MLBB Karrie Hero Guide: Best build and tips to win

MLBB Karrie Hero Guide

An excellent yet arrogant warrior among the Yasson race, Karrie almost met her untimely demise when she got overconfident during a battle. After being saved by a prophet, she returned to her empire only to start believing in the prophet’s words: The end of her race was about to come.

She’s one of Mobile Legends’ top hypercarry marksmen. Her abilities are simple to grasp but difficult to master. However, if she plays well, she may be your team’s best carry. She is a burst-type hero, so it’s recommended to pick off your enemies one by one and avoid ganks.

MLBB Karrie

How to win in MLBB using Karrie

Character Profile

Karrie Skills/Abilities

Lightwheel Mark

Karrie’s Basic Attacks and skills leave a Lightwheel Mark when they hit. When an enemy has five Lightwheel Markings, the marks will transform into an actual lightwheel, delivering True Damage equal to 8%~12% of their Max HP. If the Lightwheel hits creeps, it can deal up to 300 True Damage.

Spinning Lightwheel

Karrie fires a sphere of energy in the direction of her choice, causing 250 (+90% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to opponents in its path. It will stop when it hits an enemy hero or reaches its maximum travel distance, causing continuous 150 Physical Damage (+20% Total Physical Attack) to all foes and slowing them down for 1 second.

Phantom Step

Karrie rushes in the target direction while releasing a lightwheel, causing 150 (+70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and attaching a Lightwheel Mark to the nearest enemy.

In her Dual Wield mode, Karrie releases two lightwheels instead.

Speedy Lightwheel

Karrie enters Dual Wield mode for a short time, gaining 20% more Movement Speed and releasing two lightwheels on each Basic Attack. Each lightwheel can cause 65% damage.

Karrie Skill Style


Reap | Damage

Gold Lane

Skill Effects

Best Lane for Karrie

Karrie’s home is the Gold Lane, also known as the Top Lane. She can maximize her potential in this lane by shredding tanks and helping advance objectives. It’s also easy for her to jump in on team fights against boss spawns.

Karrie Skill Combo and Upgrade Order

Prioritizing Karrie’s Skill 2 (Phantom Step) helps her become more agile in the game, allowing you to continuously reposition and deny enemies a chance at taking you down. It’s also best to max out Karrie’s Ultimate (Speedy Lightwheel) before allotting all remaining points to her Skill 1 (Spinning Lightwheel) to maximize her burst damage.

Farming: S1 + S2 + Basic Attack

Poking: S2 + Basic Attack

Team Fights: Ultimate + S1 + S2 + Basic Attack. Repeat if not in cooldown

Best Battle Spell for Karrie

If you intend to play Karrie as a Gold Laner, the best pick for her would either be Aegis or Flicker. Aegis would give her a shield for a short time, while Flicker would allow her to escape enemy attacks.

If you want Karrie as the primary damage dealer, Retribution would be your best bet. This skill would allow you to farm faster since it gives you a 60% increase in creep rewards.

Best Emblem Set for Karrie


  • Greed for increased Physical Lifesteal
  • Agility for increased movement speed
  • Electro Flash to further increase movement speed and restore HP when dealing Basic Attack damage.


  • Mastery for cooldown reduction
  • Bloodthirst to increase Spell Vamp, which restores some HP based on the damage dealt to enemies
  • Bounty Hunter for an extra 30% Gold whenever you slay an enemy hero

Best Item Build for Karrie

For Gold Lane

  • Demon Shoes: +6 Mana Regen, +40 Movement Speed
  • Endless Battle: +65 Physical Attack, +5 Mana Regen, +250 HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +5% Movement Speed, +10% Physical Lifesteal
  • Golden Staff: +65 Physical Attack, +15% Attack Speed
  • Windtalker: +40% Attack Speed, +20 Movement Speed, +10% Crit Chance
  • Demon Hunter Sword: +35 Physical Attack. +25% Attack Speed
  • Immortality: +800 HP, +20 Physical Damage

For Hypercarry

  • Swift Boots: +40 Movement Speed, +15% Attack Bonus
  • Endless Battle: +65 Physical Attack, +5 Mana Regen, +250 HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +5% Movement Speed, +10% Physical Lifesteal
  • Demon Hunter Sword: +35 Physical Attack. +25% Attack Speed
  • Golden Staff: +65 Physical Attack, +15% Attack Speed
  • Corrosion Scythe: +30 Physical Attack, +5% Movement Speed, +35% Attack Speed
  • Immortality: +800 HP, +20 Physical Damage

MLBB Karrie Pros and Cons


  • She is a great Tank killer.
  • You can opt to jungle with her even without a Jungle item.
  • She deals True Damage.
  • She’s a great solo fighter.
  • She’s easily one of the best picks for team fights.
  • She’s the best counter hero when going up against Tanks.
  • She has high burst damage coupled with high attack speed.


  • Considering she’s a marksman, she’s very squishy.
  • She heavily relies on mana.
  • She lacks AoE skills.
  • Her attacks are only short-range.
  • She has slow movement speed.
  • She’s very reliant on positioning.

Heroes that can Counter Karrie

If you’re having a hard time taking down Karrie, here are some heroes you can use to counter her:

  • Lolita
  • Uranus
  • Claude
  • Jawheads
  • Natalia

Heroes that Work Well with Karrie

Do you have a Karrie on your team? Here are some heroes you can go for to maximize your team synergy:

  • Franco
  • Angela
  • Kaja
  • Zilong

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