MLBB Phoveus Hero Guide: Best Build, Emblem, and other Tips


DON’T BLINK! The latest fighter is out to chase and punish enemies who blink and dash

Phoveus, the Shadow of Dread, is the newest fighter hero in Mobile Legends. He is a brawny fella who deals magic damage and walks terrifyingly while carrying his deadly flail. Did you know that he is blind? He uses his weapon Astaros as a guide in battle. In this post, learn about his best build, emblem set, battle spell, counters, and other gameplay tips.

Never underestimate Phoveus because we warn you, there is might even without the sight! A fair warning to all Lancelot, Gusion, and Harith mains out there: Phoveus can chase and whack you to death.

How to win in MLBB using Phoveus

Phoveus is arguably one of the best fighters to counter enemies with dash/blink skills as he can easily chase and kill them. Here are some tips to help you win using Phoveus:

Phoveus, the Shadow of Dread. Image Credit: Moonton / Mobile Legends

Phoveus Skills / Abilities

Demonic Intuition

Whenever an enemy hero uses Blink or Charge skills, it reduces all of Phoveus’ skill cooldowns or charge times by 1s.

Malefic Terror

Phoveus smashes the ground to deal damage to enemies. When hitting enemy heroes with this skill, he gains Shield and Movement Speed Boost. When an enemy hero, creep, or Phoveus himself touches it, it spreads once more to deal damage again.

Astaros Eye

Phoveus summons forth Astaros Eye. After a short delay, it starts shrinking and pulling all enemies on it into its center and dealing damage to them.

Demonic Force

Whenever an enemy uses blink or charge skills, Phoveus can rapidly blink to their location to deliver a fierce blow and gain Shield. Can be used multiple times within 12s if the conditions are met.

Phoveus Play Style


Chase | Control

EXP Lane

Skill Effects

Best Lane for Phoveus

Phoveus is best played in any of the Side Lanes, especially the Experience Lane to help him level up faster. He can match up and play aggressively against certain heroes because of his shield.

Skill combos to use for Phoveus

For Phoveus’ basic combo, use his Second Skill first to trigger his Ultimate and then quickly follow with his First Skill. (2-3-1-3)

Phoveus Ultimate Skill
Phoveus Ultimate Skill – Demonic Force

Best Battle Spell for Phoveus

There are two spells that can take advantage of Phoveus. First is Flameshot because it can trigger his Ultimate with its push effect that allows you to dash one more time. The second one is Execute to quickly finish off enemies trying to escape with their low HP.

Best Emblem Set for Phoveus

Use Custom Magic Emblem for Phoveus to maximize his magic damage. Allot talent points for the following:

  • Agility to optimize movement speed
  • Observation for magic penetration
  • Impure Rage for extra magic damage

Alternately, you can also select Mystery Shop if you’re having a hard time farming (purchase an equipment item for 90% of its price)

Best Emblem Set for Phoveus
Magic Emblem Set

Best Build for Phoveus

Focus your build on mana items to sustain Phoveus’ spammable skills. His First and Ultimate can be used consecutively, therefore, resulting in low mana. Also, add items for defense.

Best Build for Phoveus
Best items for Phoveus
  • Demon Shoes: Mana Regen (+6)
  • Clock of Destiny: Mana (+600), HP (+615), Magic Power (+60)
  • Concentrated Energy: Magic Power (+70), HP (+700)
  • Oracle: HP (+850), Magic Defense (+42), CD Reduction (+10%)
  • Immortality: HP (+800), Physical Defense (+40)
  • Brute Force Breastplate: HP (+770), Physical Defense (+45)

Heroes that Phoveus can counter

Given his special skill, Phoveus can counter heroes that use dash skills using his god-like ultimate. Examples are:

  • Lancelot
  • Wanwan
  • Harith
  • Gusion
  • Karrie
  • Fanny

Heroes that can counter Phoveus

On the other hand, the following heroes can counter Phoveus and repel his shield effect. Examples are:

  • Esmeralda
  • Baxia
  • Chang’e

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