Sunday, October 2, 2022

Justin Bieber Free Fire Character Guide and Upcomi...

Justin Bieber Free Fire
Justin Bieber is set to serenade Free Fire fans with an in-game performance of his exclusive track “Beautiful Love (Free Fire)” on August 27. As fans are getting excited about his live performance...

How to Earn Free Robux in Roblox

How to Earn Roblox Robux
Roblox is one of the in-demand games for kids mainly because it is child-friendly. It is also interactive and hones players' creativity, allowing them to create their games for free. Roblox featur...

Diablo Immortal Guide for Beginners: Everything yo...

How to play Diablo Immortal
Demon slayers can now play Diablo Immortal on their portable devices as Blizzard and NetEase teamed up to bring the popular franchise to mobile. Players rejoice as they can finally hack-and-slash ...

Top Six Gold Lane Tips in Mobile Legends

MLBB Gold Lane Tips
Are you the MLBB player who likes to play in the Gold Lane for your team? If that’s the case, you'll likely use a marksman hero to operate this lane. The next question lies, how do you become an e...

Ten Beginner-Friendly Champions on LOL Wild Rift

Lol wild rift champions
Wild Rift is a League of Legends-based mobile game wherein it has been continuously expanding its roster of Champions. Choosing among these Champions may be overwhelming to start with, but having ...

What Type of Free Fire Player Are You?

Free Fire Player Type
In every game, there are a lot of people that you will meet and play with. You sometimes get to make friends because you like how they play, for instance, in a battle royale game like Free Fire. E...

Call of Duty: Mobile now available on Codashop in ...

CODM Season 6 Launch
Attention Operators, Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on Codashop in more countries! From Latin America to Europe to Asia, Call of Duty: Mobile players can now top up on their favorite game c...

MLBB Dodge System: All you need to know

MLBB Dodge System
Losing a match is part of playing Mobile Legends. Back in the days when players couldn’t do anything about losing due to a poor lineup, MLBB has made an initiative to improve this occurrence. The ...

How to Download Genshin Impact Faster on PC

Genshin Impact Download PC
Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game (RPG) set in the fantasy world of Teyvat. It features a huge roster of characters wielding elemental magic and a gacha system to acquire new chara...

Top Six MLBB Heroes that Need a New Skin

MLBB Heroes that Need More Skin
Mobile Legends (MLBB) has been around for six years, and players have seen the evolution of their favorite heroes, from getting revamped to having different skins. Some heroes have amassed a vast ...