Six BGMI tips to survive and clear hot drops


BGMI Surviving Hot Drops

In Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI, choosing a landing spot is a crucial decision to make. Certain areas on the map offer better loot but with higher risks, and then there are safer places to land but with lesser items. This post will talk about hot drops and how you can survive and clear such areas more effectively.

What are hot drops in BGMI?

Generally, hot drops in Battlegrounds Mobile India are places teeming with more loot (including advanced supplies) and where more players choose to land simultaneously. As soon as players reach the ground, they can immediately gather weapons and prepare for early gunfights. If you are the type who wants to improve your F/D (Finished/Defeat) Ratio, going through hot drops is a good option. But, given that more players opt to drop in this area, it’s a matter of survival the second you land.

That said, here are some tips on how you can survive being in hot drops and get essential loot.

  • Master your landing

Perhaps the first step to a successful hot drop starts when you are still inside the plane. Check whether you are near your destination before you jump out. A distance of 600-800 meters is a good start. Others aim to land the fastest to have a shot at shooting enemies still up in the air and to get early access to the loot. You can also land on the roof to loot faster and secure high places. There is such a thing as ‘first come, first loot,’ and it can entirely change your fate in the game.


  • Seek powerful weapons first

When you land, prioritize getting the big guns – powerful weapons that deal serious damage. Expect that many enemies will come at you to take you out and get your share of the loot. Since it will most likely be close-range fights, a shotgun or an assault rifle will be your formidable ally to rack up the early kills, while an SMG is handy with its quick reload capability. Overall, we recommend that you master different weapons if others get your desired weapons first.


  • Pick your allies

In other words, try to avoid playing with random players to increase your loot success and survival in hot drops. Communication becomes more accessible among squadmates when playing with friends, making adjustments and loot sharing easier. This can increase your chances of winning games as well.


  • Be alert and don’t rush needlessly

They say that only fools rush in. In shooter games like BGMI, you can get killed on the spot if you rush carelessly. We all know that getting to items first is an advantage, but it does not mean you must be reckless. Be alert of your surroundings. Keep an eye on enemies, and don’t forget to flank and take cover. You don’t want to get your head shot packing grenades and consumables. Check your minimap and use earphones to listen to enemy footsteps and anticipate their movement.


  • Get your throwables

Throwables are capable of very high damage against enemies hit within their range. From grenades (stun, frag, smoke), Molotov cocktails, and others, the damage and chaos a throwable brings can help you overwhelm an entire squad. Throwables can also be your solution when you can’t knock out enemies using your guns.


  • Maintain your focus and don’t panic

Everyone’s packing the heat and will try to outwit you in the hot drop zone to get the loot and score the kill. Remain calm and use whatever you have at your disposal – weapons, medkits, throwables. Spot for covers and run to safety. Don’t let the action distract you.

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