Is Mobile Legends’ Twilight Pass Worth Your Money?


Is purchasing Twilight Pass a smart investment? This is a question many ML players ask, yet remain unanswered. While the Twilight Pass promo might not be perfect for everybody, this might just be right for you. Let’s find out!

What is Twilight Pass in Mobile Legends

Getting Mobile Legends’ Twilight Pass gives a player benefits & rewards, from tickets to exclusive skins, as you reach certain account levels.

Reaching the maximum required level (Level 20), you can get up to 6 times of benefits and rewards worth 3,600 diamonds.

What are the benefits of Twilight Pass

Assuming that you make the most of your Twilight Pass, here’s what you can get upon reaching the maximum required level of the event.

Instant Reward: 200 Tickets, 1 Glorious General Trial Card, 1 Diamond Hero Trial Card Pack (1-Day)

Level 8: 200 Tickets, Eudora’s “Flame Red Lips” Skin, 2 Diamond Hero Trial Card Pack (1-Day)

Level 10: 300 Tickets, 1 Star Protection Card, 2 Deluxe Skin Trial Card Pack (1-Day)

Level 12: 350 Tickets, 1 Double EXP Card (3-Days), 5 Luxury Ticket

Level 15: 350 Tickets, Miya’s Exclusive “Suzuhime” Skin, 2 Epic Skin Trial Card (1-Day)

Level 20: 500 Tickets, Twilight Pass Avatar Border, 10 Luxury Ticket

Can I still get all the benefits even when I’m already over level 20

Now, ML players are also asking Codashop if they can still get the benefits of Twilight Pass when they are already over level 20. The good news is, yes you will get all the benefits & rewards as long as you have satisfied the level requirement set by ML.

How can I get a Twilight Pass

Buying Twilight Pass in Mobile Legends is made easy at Codashop. And the good news is,

there’s no credit card, registration or login required!

Simply follow these 4 quick & easy steps, and start reaping the benefits & rewards of having a Twilight Pass in Mobile Legends.

Step 1. Visit Twilight Pass in Codashop by clicking here.

Step 2. Enter your user ID (Can’t find your user ID?)

Step 3. Choose your preferred payment method.

Step 4. Complete your purchase and you’re done!

Whether you are a beginner looking to take advantage of the Twilight Pass promo to improve your gaming experience, or an ML pro who would love to flash Miya’s exclusive “Suzuhime” skin. Purchasing the Twilight Pass is a win because you get more than what you pay for and support the game we all love to play.

Happy gaming!



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