Free Fire OB27 Update: New weapon, character, and more optimizations


Free Fire OB27 Update

Free Fire recently rolled out its latest and most anticipated OB27 update and it’s a knockout win with all the new additions and optimizations. From the new character and weapon, ability balancing, UI changes and more, let’s find out more about the top new features in OB27.

New Character – Xayne

Bring the pain with Xayne! This Xtreme Sports enthusiast loves thriving under intense conditions. Her skill called Xtreme Encounter, provides 80 HP (100 at highest) plus 40% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Xtreme Encounter is quite useful to gain the upper hand during clutch situations. Xayne is available to purchase at the Store for 499 Diamonds.

Free Fire OB27 Update

New Character – Maro

Another new character introduced in the game is Maro, a professional falconer. His passive skill called Falcon Fervor, increases damage with distance by up to 5%, while damage to marked enemies increases by 1%. He’ll be a thorn in the battlefield, taking down enemies from a distance. Maro will be available to purchase soon.

New Character - Maro

Character System and UI Revamp

In OB27, expect an overhaul of the entire character system and UI. More user-friendly, the new update gives players quick access while switching between the abilities and characters and upgrading them. Loadout also gets a revamp, allowing players to change the skill sets from the lobby. 

Character System and UI Revamp

The cost for levelling up a Character is removed. Once you’ve collected enough fragments, you’ll be able to upgrade immediately in the Character menu. Also, the Awakening Character Skills will now incorporate the skill of the original Character. This turns awakened characters into a workable option for players. Now that’s how you live up to being truly awakened!

There are also some notable character skill changes including Wukong, Rafael, Hayato Firebrand, Misha, more.

character skill changes

New Weapon – Kord

Of course, what’s a big update without a shiny, new weapon! Introducing Kord, an LMG that’s packed with a unique feature – users obtain additional power and firing when used in prone or crouch positions. Available in battle Royale and Clash Squad.

New Weapon - Kord

New Weapon - Kord

Clash Squad Store Update

The latest patch brings a much-needed upgrade in the Clash Squad Store by providing a wide selection of weapons on different maps. Players can select different firearms from multiple stores including Store Alpha, Store Beta, Store Charlie, Store Delta, and Store Mysterious (Casual Only).

Revival Point

Knocked out? The Revival Mechanism will be available for use on all maps for players to revive their fallen teammates and spawn back in action! 

Revival Point

Bermuda Remastered Map

Bermuda Remastered Map is also available as a permanent map where players can engage in battle in a Samurai Garden. The Bermuda Remastered is now available in Clash Squad (Casual and Rank).

Bermuda Remastered Map

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