Free Fire Highway to Heroic: Tips to Rank Up Fast


Free Fire Ranks

Like most Battle Royale genres, Free Fire’s gameplay includes a ranking system to spice up the competition. Fifty players are thrown off a plane into an island, scramble for weapons and battle it out for the last man standing. Winners achieve ranking points that promote them a tier higher.

In this post, we’ve listed a few tips to help leapfrog your way from Bronze to Heroic real quick.

Free Fire Ranking System

Players can unlock Ranked Mode by achieving level 8. Play classic modes to gain experience. Participation will reward players with ranking points and will determine their ladder ascent. They will also earn a 20% bonus in earned cash and XP – an express lane if we may put it. Expect bigger challenges from badass, top-caliber players in higher tiers.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ranks and their respective tiers:

Free Fire Required Points for Rank

Early Game

Strategize your landing spot so you can carefully plan movement especially in early game. Understand the map and spot covers like buildings, structures and natural terrain for stealth purposes. Familiarize areas with high-tier loots and build on those to your advantage.

Instead of scouring for weapons, focus first on finding a good set of armor. Get a sturdy helmet and a vest to pad protection against headshots. Remember that it only takes even a stray bullet to derail your career.

And one of the most important decisions to make is this: if you want to climb to Heroic, do it solo. You’ll get better chances for more kills and will help maximize your strategy. Solo queue lessens potential miscommunications when trying to execute a plan with a squad.

Late Phase

When the action heats up, remember to always arm a close-range weapon. Keep an MP40 or UMP locked and loaded in case an enemy corners you from up close. Keep them on the top slot for faster switching. During close fights, avoid crazy jumpshoots because it makes you easier to target and greatly disrupts your aim. Best of all, learn a good combination of weapons to put you in a good spot.

The sight of an unwary enemy gives an itchy feeling to deliver the fast kill. That should not be the case during all important ranked games. Calculate risks before rushing in. Check surroundings, spot snipers and analyze other factors for better results. Only fools rush in.

If you feel compromised, remember that running does not make you a coward. It’s a survival strategy to help you stay alive longer. Outsmart enemies by moving away from gunfights. Let them dismantle each other and wait for the perfect time to pounce. When worse comes to worst, snatch a vehicle and drive to the nearest safe zone.

Free Fire is a continuous learning process. Don’t be discouraged if you get beat up. Practice your aiming skills and weapon combinations. Work on your mobility (pressing the Run and Gun buttons together at once will help you stand faster and run) to your advantage. Try and bounce back until you reach the higher brackets.

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