Saturday, September 23, 2023

Maximize Your Gaming Potential: Discover League of...

League of Legends Minimum Specs
Optimize your League of Legends gameplay with the right system requirements. Discover minimum specs and unlock your full gaming potential in this article.

Riot’s Exciting Pride Month 2023 Rewards

Riot pride event
Find out what Riot Games has in store for you in its Pride Month event

League of Legends or Wild Rift? Which Should I Pla...

Blog_LOL (2)
Know the key differences and find out which game reigns supreme. Choose your game and start your Runeterra journey today!

Coke x League: Get Free Emotes With The Ultimate C...

LOL x Coca Cola
Kick the sugar rush with Coca-Cola and League of Legends in this limited edition collaborative event. Learn more about this zero-sugar partnership in this article.

LoL 13.10 Update: Gameplay Adjustments, New Items,...

Riot aims to stir up the meta with Patch 13.10, the season's biggest patch yet. The update brings us major changes on Mythic and Legendary items, Champion buffs and debuffs, and new additions to the Snow Moon skin line. Stick around as we go through everything you should look out for in the latest League of Legends patc

Tips and Tricks on How to Counter Urgot in Wild Ri...

Learn how to effectively counter Urgot, the Dreadnought, in Wild Rift with the right strategies, counter champions, and items to build.

League of Legends ADC Guide

Learn how to excel as an ADC with this League of Legends ADC guide and take your team to victory!

Team Doggo or Catto? LoL Cats vs Dogs Skins showca...

League of Legends Nidalee and Yuumi
The cat-dog rivalry has been around for a very long time, and we've all asked ourselves whether we're a cat or a dog person at one point. It's no secret that cats rule the internet with their silly me...

Super Support! League of Legends Champion Guide: M...

League of Legends Milio Guide
League of Legends typically follows a pattern when adding new champions to its roster. They tend to prioritize champions with multiple utilities, passive abilities, and additional perks that can i...

Rioh Raya Sale : Codacash discount

RIOH RAYA SALE IS HERE!  7% OFF on 9 selected titles with Codacash! Promo Period: April  1, 2023 – April 30, 2023 MECHANICS: Eligibility: Open to all Codashop users nationwide in Malaysia....


MLBB-Badang-Hero-Guide (1)

Fist Fest: MLBB Badang Hero Guide

Take matters into your own hands and let the opponents catch Badang's fists! Learn everything about the Tribal Warrior in this MLBB Hero Guide.