MLBB Cyclops Hero Guide: Items, Emblems, Strategy

MLBB Cyclops Hero Guide

The entire roster of Mobile Legends consists of dozens of heroes, from fighters to tanks and mages. But one particular hero stands out due to his unique look and skillset–Enter Cyclops! This little mage might not be the first choice for many players, but he can be an absolute beast on the battlefield with the right items, emblems, and strategy. So buckle up, because we’re about to gaze upon the stars and discover the true potential of Cyclops. We’ll cover everything you need to know to turn this cute monstrosity into a sorcerer to be reckoned with. Get ready to unleash the power of the stars and planets with Cyclops!

Cyclops, the Starsoul Magician

Cyclops Story MLBB

Like the one-eyed giants in Greek Mythology, from which Cyclops’ name was derived, he also belongs to a race of giants to the far east of the Land of Dawn. Yes, believe it or not, but Cyclops is actually a giant. However, instead of being blessed with a gargantuan build and brute strength, Cyclops was born a one-eyed dwarf giant. He was often ostracised and did not belong to the other giants. Despite his obvious physical disadvantage, Cyclops had an affinity for the stars and planets, which led to his discovery of the magic behind planetary motion. Cyclops was able to harness the magic that comes from the movement of the planets, allowing him to store that magic in his hourglass. Since planets move in perpetual motion, Cyclops’ hourglass is always full of magic, giving him an endless supply of power to wield in battle. By developing his magical abilities, he became known as the Starsoul Magician and his powers were feared across the land.

How to win in MLBB using Cyclops

Cyclops Skills/Abilities

Cyclops New Skin MLBB

This is Cyclops’ passive skill. Every time his skill hits an enemy, all of his cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 to 1.0 seconds. This makes it easier for him to spam his skills and deal more damage.

Spinning Lightwheel

Cyclops fires two shockwaves of star energy in a straight path, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. The shockwaves can also pass through walls and obstacles, making them a great tool for poking and harassing enemies from a safe distance.

Phantom Step

Cyclops’ second skill allows him to summon five cosmic spheres revolving around him. These spheres will automatically attack nearby enemies, dealing magic damage with each hit. Upon activation, it also grants Cyclops a 30% movement speed bonus for 2 seconds, allowing him to chase down enemies or quickly escape danger.

Speedy Lightwheel

This is Cyclops’ ultimate skill. By channelling the planetary energy in his hourglass, he is able to create a giant magic sphere that will chase a nearby enemy, immobilising them and dealing magic damage on hit. Once the targeted enemy is hit, they won’t be able to move or use Blink for 1 to 2 seconds, depending on the distance the sphere travelled.

Cyclops Skill Style


Poke | Control

Side Lane

Skill Effects

Cyclops' Playstyle

Cyclops Battle MLBB

Cyclops is a burst mage who excels in dealing massive amounts of magic damage to a single target at once. Despite his size, he has some decent mobility thanks to the movement speed he gains when using his second skill. He is best played as a mid-laner, where he can easily farm and level up to become a threat to the enemy team.

In the early game, Cyclops’ main goal is to farm and level up quickly while keeping enemies at bay. He should focus on last-hitting minions and harassing the enemy laner whenever they get too close. Once he hits level 4, he can start looking for opportunities to engage and burst down his opponent with a 3-2-1 combo of his skills.

In team fights, Cyclops should position himself at the backline, wait for the right moment, and unleash his ultimate skill on a high-priority target. He should also use his first and second skills to poke and zone out enemies, and help his teammates secure kills.

Cyclops can also be utilised as an assassin, roaming the map and looking for opportunities to catch enemies off guard. Any squishy target caught alone is an easy kill for Cyclops, and his mobility allows him to quickly escape if things go wrong. Overall, Cyclops is a powerful burst mage that can deal massive amounts of damage to single targets. His mobility and burst potential make him a formidable opponent in the mid-lane and a valuable asset to any team.

Best Emblems

Mage Emblem 2 MLBB

Cyclops is meant to be played offensively, so your choice of emblems can be quite limited. Your best bet is to use a Mage emblem that focuses on magic damage and cooldown reduction. Impure Rage is a great choice as it provides additional magic damage depending on your opponent’s HP. Add more cooldown reduction and magic penetration to make him even deadlier in the mid-lane.

Mage Emblem 1 MLBB

Another option is to use Mystery Shop to help Cyclops build his kit faster due to the reduced price for items. This will allow him to hit his power spikes earlier and snowball the game in his team’s favour. Magic penetration is also crucial for this build as well as giving him some additional movement to help him chase around fleeing enemies on the brink of death.

Best Battle Spells

For Cyclops, the best battle spells are Flicker and Purify. While he has a decent mobility skill, he can be susceptible to crowd control effects which can hinder his ability to deal damage or leave him vulnerable to enemy attacks. Flicker can help him escape dangerous situations or initiate surprise attacks on enemies. Purify can help him break free from crowd control effects and continue dealing damage in team fights. Both spells are essential for Cyclops to survive and thrive in battles. If you’re confident with your team, then using Flameshot can also be a good option, as it can help you secure kills or push enemies away from objectives.

Item Build

Cyclops Build MLBB

As a magic user, Cyclops benefits greatly from items that increase his mana pool and spell power. Cyclops can be quite mana-hungry due to the low cooldowns of his skills, so items like Enchanted Talisman and Holy Crystal can help him sustain his mana throughout battles. Divine Glaive and Genius Wand are both recommended items to beef up Cyclops’ spell power and penetrate through enemy magic resistance. For a more balanced build, try putting a defensive item like Immortality or Athena’s Shield to increase Cyclops’ survivability in team fights.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cyclops can be a formidable force on the battlefield with his strong crowd control abilities and burst damage. He may be small, but he can also be a terrible nightmare to face if left unchecked. Remember to always pick high-priority targets and use his skills strategically to maximise their impact. With the right item build and gameplay, Cyclops can easily dominate the mid-lane and lead his team to victory.

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