Gear Up for MLBB Season 32: New Hero, Challenges and Rewards Await


Harley Star Magician2Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players, rejoice! Season 32 is here, bringing a wave of excitement and anticipation. Aptly named “Shapeshifting,” this season transforms players’ journey into an unforgettable one filled with challenges, rewards, and thrilling gameplay. Let’s dive into the heart of Season 32 and explore all it offers!

Season Guide

MLBB Season Guide

Like the previous seasons, S32 lasts for three months, and the season finale rewards will be mailed to you at the end of the season. Your starting rank will be determined by your highest rank in the previous season, and you can start climbing through the ranks immediately after updating your game. Please note that you must be at least Level 8 with five unlocked heroes to join the ranked queue.

Ranked games can be played solo or with a group of friends. However, pre-made groups of 4 aren’t allowed at the moment. Also, the rank difference between members cannot exceed one rank. This is to ensure the accuracy of matchmaking, resulting in fairer and more intense games.

Season Journey

Playing matches during the current MLBB Season pushes your skills and rank to new heights and rewards you with head-turning cosmetics! Season 32 rewards you with the Diggie “Underwood Steward” skin and a slew of other items to make your gameplay more exciting. Below is a quick breakdown of the rewards you can get this season:

Matches Rewards
20 Matches Diggie “Underwood Steward” Skin
40 Matches 300 Battle Points
60 Matches Deluxe Skin Trial Card Pack (1-Day)
80 Matches 750 Tickets
100 Matches 20 Small Emblem Packs
120 Matches 7000 Battle Points
160 Matches 1500 Magic Dust
200 Matches Shuttle Skip Avatar Border

Your first match of the day grants you one additional match record. Remember always to play responsibly because matches with violations will not be counted.

Season Rewards

Breaking through a higher bracket will also grant you more generous rewards. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail at the end of the season, so keep on grinding to get the following:

Rank Rewards
Master 2000 Battle Points, 150 Tickets
Grand Master 3500 Battle Points, 300 Tickets
Epic 6000 Battle Points, 500 Tickets
Legend 10000 Battle Points, 750 Tickets
Mythic  10000 Battle Points, 750 Tickets, Mythic Badge (100-day)

Road to Mythic

Higher-ranked matches have higher stakes, so it’s only fitting that you get more handsome rewards for battling with all your might. Unlock these rare rewards on your way to the top:

Rank Rewards
Epic 2 Rank Protection Cards, S32 Seasonal Skin Tag (Epic)
Legend 2 Rank Protection Cards, S32 Seasonal Skin Tag (Legend)
Mythic 2 Rank Protection Cards, MVP Star Protection Card, S32 Seasonal Skin Tag (Mythic)
Mythic (10 Stars) Seasonal Namecard Background
Mythic (15 Stars) 10 Mythic Coins
Mythical Honor (25 Stars) Seasonal Profile Background
Mythical Honor (40 Stars) 1 Star Protection Card
Mythical Glory (50 Stars) Upgraded Seasonal Namecard, Profile, and Skin Tag
Mythical Immortal (100 Stars) Mythical Immortal Loading Border

Mythic Rank Skin

MLBB Mythic Rank Exclusive Skin Creation

Reaching and maintaining the Mythic Rank also comes with one other exclusive perk: having a say in the Mythic Exclusive Skin creation! Players ranked Mythic or higher will be eligible to vote for their favourite heroes and portrait styles. After the voting period, the MLBB team will begin production. Players can buy the skin for 40 Mythic Coins in the last season of the current year. They will also have the option to purchase Exclusive Mythic Skins from previous years.

S32 First Recharge

MLBB S32 First Recharge

Recharging your Diamonds during Season 32 will also grant you another round of rewards, including a free S32 avatar border and huge discounts on Rename Cards and Harley’s Star Magician Skin. This gives the biggest bang for the buck, so don’t say we didn’t tell you!

New Hero: Chip, The Height of Roaming


If looking at the map isn’t as natural as breathing, you better develop the habit fast because this new kid on the block can go from pushing one lane to wrecking you on another in seconds.

Chip, the Phase Technician, is the embodiment of roaming. He has a unique skill called “Why Walk?” wherein he can teleport to and from 4 set beacons on the map. This means he’ll have no trouble responding to calls for ganks, and what’s more, he can use his Skill 1 and 2 to initiate the ambush and stun you for 0.6 seconds.

Let’s say you’re a child prodigy with a cat’s reaction time, and you can nullify any threat with just reflex and gaming prowess alone. That’s fair, but let’s see how that fairs when we add Chip’s Ultimate into the equation. “Shortcut” is a teleport and crowd-control skill in one. With it, Chip sets up a direct portal to you, meaning that even if you survive his team’s initial barrage, reinforcements can still catch up with you quickly. What’s the point of running? You may accept your fate and try him out in your next game.

MLBB’s Season 32 promises an exhilarating journey filled with new challenges and rewards. Chip, the new hero, also poses new questions and strategies that will improve your approach to the game. Hop in and seize the opportunity to push your limits, climb the ranks, and bask in the glory of being a Mythic-ranked player! But before all that, don’t forget to gear up and top up your MLBB Diamonds only through Codashop to enjoy fast and hassle-free payment methods.



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