MLBB Top Up Benefits: Free Diamonds and More!


ML Free Diamonds & Recharge Benefit

Deciding on buying in-game currency for Mobile Legends is an important decision, but did you know that you can get free diamonds when you top up? By recharging, gamers spend real money to obtain a certain amount of game credits. For those about to make their first purchase, this guide will help you learn how top-up works, its benefits, and how to recharge ML account wisely.

How to Get Full Benefits of MLBB Top Up?

Regular MLBB Diamonds Top Up

You can buy MLBB Diamonds directly in-game. Click on the diamond icon from the game lobby to access the Recharge section. Denominations range from as low as 15 to as high as 5000 Diamonds.

Free Diamonds Bonus Details in Codashop

You can also buy MLBB Diamonds on Codashop. It’s easy and fast; diamonds are delivered instantly to your account. There are also plenty of convenient payment options available.

Diamonds to Buy in Codashop Free Diamonds Total Diamonds You Get
30 3 33
60 6 66
119 12 131
295 30 325
590 94 684
1180 189 1369
1770 319 2089
2949 560 3509
4719 897 5616
5898 1180 7078

Apart from the Regular Diamond recharge, you can also avail of the Bundle Recharge to get cool freebies on top of your Diamonds!Bundle Recharge

Free Diamonds and Bonus Details

Weekly Elite Bundle

  • You will get 55 Diamonds, 20 Crystal of Aurora, 2 Rare Skin Fragments, 1 4-Win BP Card.
  • Available for purchase once every week and bundled with the Monthly Epic Bundle.

Monthly Epic Bundle

  • You will get 275 Diamonds, 180 Crystal of Aurora, 10 Rare Skin Fragments, 1 10-Win BP Card.
  • Available for purchase once every month and bundled with the Weekly Elite Bundle.

Crystal of Aurora Weekly Pass

  • After subscription, you can claim 25 Crystals of Aurora daily once you log in. Each successful renewal grants 25 CoA. Lasts for 7 days.

Crystal of Aurora Monthly Pass

  • After subscription, you can claim 35 Crystals of Aurora daily once you log in. Each successful renewal grants 50 CoA. Lasts for 30 days.

Ticket Weekly Subscription

  • After subscription, you can claim 25 Tickets daily once you log in. Each successful renewal grants 50 Tickets. Lasts for 7 days.

Ticket Monthly Subscription

  • After subscription, you can claim 30 Tickets daily once you log in. Each successful renewal grants 250 Tickets. Lasts for 30 days.

Twilight Pass

  • Subscribe to get 200 Tickets. The subscriber can get at most six times of benefits and rewards worth 3600 Diamonds by leveling up. Reach level 15 to get Miya’s Suzuhime skin.
  • Other rewards include Zilong’s epic skin trial card, hero trial cards, Eudora Flame Red skins (permanent), Star Protection Card, Skin Trial Cards, Double EXP Card, Lucky Tickets, and Twilight Pass Avatar Border.

Mobile Legends Recharge Benefit

First Time Recharge

MLBB newbies who make their first recharge of any amount will get to pick a permanent hero of their choice from the featured hero roster. This is an excellent start for anyone who wants to master using a new hero!

First Season Recharge

As a new season begins after every three months, players (Level 6 and above) can take advantage of the First Recharge benefits.

  • Recharge 20 Diamonds to claim the Season First Recharge exclusive avatar border.
  • Recharge 20 Diamonds to purchase the Season First Recharge exclusive skin at a discounted price of 100 Diamonds only.
  • Recharge for 3 days to purchase the 7-Day Rename Card for only 50 Diamonds. Note: name change is permanent and must be made within seven days from activation. 

MLBB Season First Recharge

First 1-dollar (50 diamonds) Recharge of the Starlight Month

Every month, players who spend 1 dollar or recharge 50 Diamonds will receive a 3-Day Starlight Member Experience. During this time, players can experience some of the exclusive privileges of Starlight Members, including:

*Free use of the Weekly Free Starlight heroes and skins
*Use the exclusive Starlight Avatar Border.
*Claim Weekly Starlight Score of 200
*Claim Weekly Starlight Rewards: 

Stardust x100

Rare Skin Fragments x5

Double Battle Points Card (1-Day) x2

New Arrival Token x1

Magic Wheel Potion x1

Recharge Level Benefit Rewards

The Recharge Benefits in Mobile Legends comprises 3 levels, with a certain level activated once a player has accumulated the specific amount of Diamonds in total. While the benefit is active, the player will receive rewards corresponding to his benefit level 4 times via in-game mail.

*The first reward is sent immediately after activation.
*The remaining 3 rewards will be sent weekly in the next 3 weeks at 00:00 every Monday (Server Time).

Players can check their current benefit level on the intro page of the Recharge Benefit section. In contrast, the expiration date of the current benefit is displayed on the top left of the Recharge page.

Level 1 – Recharged 10 Diamonds
– Deluxe Skin Trial Card Pack (1 Day) x1
– Rare Skin Fragment x1

Level 2  – Recharged 100 Diamonds
– Epic Trial Card Choice Bundle (Normal) – Select from Johnson S.A.B.E.R. Automata, Saber S.A.B.E.R. Regulator, and Layla S.A.B.E.R Breacher (1 Day)
– Discount Coupon  20 Diamonds x1
– Rare Skin Fragment x1
– Tickets x20

Level 3  – Recharged 500 Diamonds
– Epic Trial Card Choice Bundle (Deluxe)  – Select from Saber Onimaru, Kimmy Astrocat, Leomord Inferno Soul, or Kaja Skyblocker (1 Day)
– Discount Coupon 20 Diamonds x1
– Rare Skin Fragment x1
– Tickets x50
– New Arrival Token x2

FAQ About MLBB Recharge Benefit

Where can I check the current rewards applied for recharge benefits?

You can check the current benefit rewards applicable for each level by clicking on the Diamond icon from the main lobby. Click on the ‘Recharge Benefits’ icon to see the benefits rewards.

MLBB Main Lobby

MLBB Benefit Reward Levels

Can I get an MLBB Recharge Benefit through Codashop?

Yes, you can! Top up MLBB Diamonds on Codashop now to get your benefit rewards on top of bonus Diamonds for each denomination.

Does Crystal of Aurora subscription count for recharge tasks?

Yes, it does!

When is The Best Time to Top Up MLBB Diamonds for More Rewards?

There are several events throughout the year that you can check to get more value for your Diamond top-ups. Here are some of them:

  • Daily Recharge Gifts: Recharge Diamonds to receive rewards including Rare Skin Fragments and Magic Dust. The more you recharge, the more rewards you can get. You can move to the next tier by recharging 10 or more Diamonds during the event.
  • Recharge tasks via limited-time events: Participate in recharge tasks in special in-game events to exchange for cool rewards! Take note that each event features different rules and prizes. Here are some of the ongoing events:

Grand Collection Event

MLBB Grand Collection

Lucky Bowknot Collection

MLBB Lucky Bowknot Collection

Other popular events include the Lucky and Winter Box events, Hero/Villain event, Mega Diamonds event, and other character skin collaborations (like Star Wars, Transformers, and King of Fighters).

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about getting free diamonds and rewards from Mobile Legends is only one recharge away. We hope you take advantage of these offers and enjoy your game even more.

Which benefit do you want most? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to top up with us so you can keep playing without interruption. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the Land of Dawn!

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