Spruce Up! All MLBB M Series Skins from M1 to M4


MLBB ChouThe Land of Dawn has dozens of fun and eye-catching cosmetics, but nothing feels and looks more premium than the M Series skins.

The M Series is a set of skins players can acquire exclusively during the annual M World Championships. M Series skins often come in twos: a Champion tier and a Special tier, both of which are obtainable through a special Battle Pass available during the championship.

We’re all hyped for M5 and the M Series skins that come out with it in December, so if you’re a new player wanting to start collecting skins, here’s a list of all the previous M Series skins to give you an idea of how grand you can expect them to be!

All MLBB M Series skins

Harith “EVOS Legends” Skin (M1 Champion)

Veering from his go-to energy orbs, Harith wields the tesseract in his EVOS Legends M1 skin. The elfen mage also wears a majestic superhero suit of blue and white, complete with a techno cape. The skin commemorates EVOS Legends, the champions of the first-ever M World Championship, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2019. 

Aldous “King of Supremacy” Skin (M1 Special)

MLBB Aldous King of SupremacyIn his King of Supremacy skin, we see Aldous boasting his paladin armour, complete with a striking breastplate and pauldron. He also wields a gauntlet of gold and white branded with the M1 logo. The armour is adorned with a beautiful red-orange scapular and helm to give off an air of mightiness. 

Lancelot “Bren Esports” Skin (M2 Champion)

MLBB Lancelot Bren EsportsThe Blade of Roses, KarlTzy’s signature Lancelot, gets a futuristic twist with the Bren Esports skin. Here, we see Lancelot sporting a suit of black and silver embellished with golden ornaments and streaks, matching the winning team’s uniforms. He ditches his signature sabre and now carries a golden longsword. 

Clint “Shadow Omen” Skin (M2 Special)

Cowboy Clint rises from the depths to unleash his newfound dark powers on the Land of Dawn. His trademark pistol and shotgun are upgraded and are now imbued with aether energy. He dons silver armour, a long purple coat, and a hat matching the vampire hunter look. 

Estes “Blacklist International” Skin (M3 Champion)

MLBB Estes Blacklist InternationalEstes’ colourful mage robe has a slick new twist following M3 Champ Blacklist International’s black and white theme. The M3 skin shows ash-coloured pauldrons and greaves, a long silver cape, and, of course, it isn’t Estes without the Moon Elf King’s scroll. Only this time, it stores the Philippine team’s winning strats and logo.

Roger “Phantom Ranger” Skin (M3 Special)

MLBB Roger Phantom RangerThe third MLBB M World Championship also delighted the players with the special Roger “Phantom Ranger” skin, which reimagines the Dire Wolf Hunter in a fantasy world wherein he wields phantom energy. He now uses a large hand cannon instead of his usual Gatling gun and dons a forbidding white, gold, and violet costume.

Chou “ECHO” Skin (M4 Champion)

Who knew that the gifted martial artist Chou also has a cool-ass drip? In his ECHO M4 Champion skin, we see him in trendy streetwear, wearing a stylish varsity jacket and kicks of purple, cyan, and white, ECHO’s theme colours. 

Beatrix “Light Chaser” Skin (M4 Special)

MLBB Beatrix Light ChaserWeapons expert Beatrix flaunts her celestial M4 “Light Chaser” skin as she topped Moonton’s community polls in early 2022. She wears a mecha-inspired grey, yellow, and white suit, and her weapons got a tech upgrade, too! 

Seeing all the M Series skins together in one list makes us more excited for this year’s M World Championships! Which legends do you want to see in their own M Series skin? And more importantly, which teams are you rooting for? Tell us in the comments.

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