Thursday, January 28, 2021

Best Heroes to Buy in Mobile Legends this 2021

It’s a new year and a new season once again for Mobile Legends. With that said, it’s time to update your hero roster! Last year, Moonton gave us an exciting crop of characters with shockingly supe...

Free Fire New Pet: Stronger throws with beastly pa...

It’s a brand new year and Fire Fire started out strong with the introduction of a hulking new pet in Beaston. This hefty cybernetic baboon is great a support with its special skill to boost your p...

Free Fire ‘DJ’ Battle Royale: K vs. Alok

Free Fire Captain K and Alok
Who do you think is better at helping your team dish out the Booyahs? Free Fire continuously attracts gamers by raising the stakes to its battle royale table. With more creative content like the ...

MLBB Hero Guide: Best Build for Mathilda

Hero Guide Mathilda - Mobile Legends
This flexible hero flies freely with a high cap, but is she OP as a support? HP: 2651 Mana: 430 Physical Attack: 120 Magic Power: 0 Attack...

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Know the differen...

PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite
The immense success of PUBG as one of the leading Battle Royale shooter games needs no further introduction. Its popularity led the way to cross over to mobile devices to bring the action to milli...

ICYMI: What Happened to PUBG Mobile in 2020

We can all agree to disagree that it’s been a rough, cyberpunk-ish year. Good thing that battle royale games have remained steadfast despite the challenges that surfaced. PUBG Mobile kicked off 20...

Mobile Legends: Who Got Nerfed Most in 2020?

Mobile Legends: Who Got Nerfed Most in 2020?
Nerf: “To nerf, to be nerfed (verb)”. In the world of computer gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that downgrades the power or effectiveness of a specific element (character, weapon, etc.) in an...

ICYMI: What Happened to Free Fire in 2020

Free Fire - ICYMI
Battle Royale games remained locked and loaded this 2020, with Free Fire leading the charge on the frontlines. Garena kept it solid year-round with a slew of new additions and fresh and exciting c...

Best Gaming Collabs of 2020: Bringing star-power t...

Game Collabs
This year may be one of the most challenging in recent times, but thanks to mobile games, it managed to keep us in check and still ecstatic to play. Gaming companies have constantly tapped celebri...

ICYMI: What Happened to MLBB in 2020

In Case You Missed It 2020
We can all agree that 2020 has been a tough and challenging year. Skipping all the hubbub, there’s still some good news along the way. One of which is that mobile games haven’t slowed down in what...