Mobile Legends: 5 Heroes to Pair with Novaria


MLBB Best Heroes to partner Novaria

The Star Rebel’s fun in-and-out playstyle and astronomical damage are easy to love as it makes all those flashy and explosive solo kills possible. But if you want to experience her true potential, you must start learning team combos with your friends. Besides, everything’s more fun when you share it with teammates, right? With that said, here are five legends you should try with Novaria.

Novaria’s kit is centred on her Skill 2, Astra Recall, which allows her to summon an Astral Sphere that deals massive damage to enemies. Some of her abilities also have AoE slows and a first-of-its-kind effect that increases the enemy’s hurt box, allowing for easier skill shots. Her damage and support capabilities make her an outstanding pick, especially when playing with legends that require high skill and precision.


With a Mage’s naturally low HP and DEF and an 8-second cooldown on her only escape skill, Novaria is an easy target for assassins and fighters in the early game. Needless to say, she needs a reliable support unit that can assist her from anywhere on the map.

Angela’s global Heartguard shield and Love Wave heals can secure your team a well-farmed Novaria by mid-game. Just tell her to keep an eye on the map, and y’all will get that EZ win.

Screenshot_20230616_152318_Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Novaria’s one-hit KO potential tempts players to adopt a trigger-happy style, and Carmilla encourages that by giving you even more damage.

Carmilla’s Vampire Pact passive shreds up to 55 points from the enemy’s Physical and Magical Defense, enabling Novaria to dish out even more damage. Carmilla can also lock down enemies with her stuns and slows to aid Novaria in connecting her Astral Sphere shots.

MLBB Carmilla


Besides sustaining teammates with her global Bloom heal, Floryn also increases Novaria’s damage potential by giving her an extra piece of equipment, thanks to the Dew passive. Novaria reciprocates this with her Astral Echo buff, which helps Floryn hit more skill shots and accelerate her Dew stack gain. Max Dew stacks grant +10% Physical Attack, +10% Magic Power, and +250 HP to the ally.

MLBB Floryn


Layla may be one of the recommended characters for new MLBB players, but that doesn’t mean she’s super easy to play. Her skill shots also require some practice, especially if you’re faced with high-mobility legends like Gusion or Lancelot. Good thing the game now has Novaria’s Astral Echo buff that enlarges hurt boxes by up to 250%! Good luck escaping Layla’s crosshairs, enemy team.

MLBB Layla


A successful Iron Hook hit can spell the end of your enemies. However, with its long 11-second cooldown and small hit box, most Franco players might hesitate to shoot their shots. Cast Novaria’s Ult to increase Franco’s hit rate and be ready to deal damage while the enemy’s on lockdown.

MLBB Franco

Not only does Novaria decimate opponents with her monstrous Astral Sphere damage, but she also makes life easier and enjoyable for her teammates with that unique Ult! The next time your friend insta-locks Novaria, try some of these legends and make some awesome plays. 


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