Which Mobile Legends Characters are Main Character Material?


MLBB Main Character MaterialNowadays, you’ve probably heard of the term “main character energy” being thrown around in online discussions. It refers to a character who possesses certain qualities that make them stand out as the protagonist of a story. In a game like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), appointing a main character isn’t as straightforward as one might think. The game probably has one of the most diverse roster of characters, from kings and princes to demons, assassins, and mages that come from various lands within the game’s world. So, out of all the different characters in MLBB, who do you think possesses the qualities of being in the lead role? That’s what we’re here to find out!

What Makes a Someone a Main Character?

There are several ways to identify a main character in a story. Firstly, they tend to have a distinct personality that sets them apart from the rest of the characters. They are often the ones who drive the story forward, making decisions that affect the outcome of the plot. Main characters are also usually the ones who undergo a significant transformation or development throughout the story. Finally, they tend to be the ones with the most screen time or the most attention given to them.

In games like MLBB, the main character doesn’t necessarily have to be the most powerful or the most popular hero. Instead, they should possess traits that make them stand out from the rest of the roster. These traits could include a unique backstory that sets them apart, a distinct personality that resonates with players, or a gameplay style that is both fun and effective. For example, heroes like Alucard, Argus, and Gusion have a rich backstory that makes them intriguing characters. They also possess unique abilities and a distinct visual appearance that sets them apart from other heroes. On the other hand, heroes like Layla and Miya have simpler backstories and abilities, but they still have the potential to be the main character due to their popularity and impact on the game’s lore.

The Hero’s Journey

According to literature, the hero’s journey is a common archetype in storytelling. It involves a protagonist who goes on an adventure, faces challenges and obstacles, and eventually emerges victorious, having learned important lessons along the way. While all characters are called heroes in MLBB, there are only quite a few who fit the archetype. Layla, Silvanna, and Minsitthar are perhaps three of the most fitting heroes for the hero’s journey archetype due to their backstories.


Layla Blue Specter

Layla has an eccentric personality and a thirst for adventure. With her Malefic Gun, she escapes from her parents and gets thrown into a world of chaos and confusion. What seemed to be an ordinary adventure turned out to be a nightmare when she was kidnapped by an evil organisation called Laboratory 1718. She was eventually released and went back to Eruditio. It turns out, however, that her father chose to serve Laboratory 1718 in exchange for Layla’s release. When Layla found out, she understood the importance of family and the sacrifices they make for their loved ones. She decided to fight against Laboratory 1718 and protect her family and friends.



Silvanna is a princess of the Moniyan Empire who lost her baby brother to demon attacks. The pain of losing her brother and the guilt of not being able to protect him drove her to become a warrior and a member of the Imperial Knight’s Order. She trained hard and became one of the most powerful and prominent members of the order under Tigreal’s supervision. When the demons attacked the Moniyan Empire in a decisive battle, she earned the blessing of the God of Light, which gave her the courage and the ability to vanquish her enemies. However, what she doesn’t know is that she is destined to meet her baby brother again, who became the Prince of Darkness raised by Abyss.


MInsitthar Hero MLBB

Minsitthar, a great warrior and prince of Mahar Pura, was exiled due to a forbidden love affair. After experiencing this event, Minsitthar embarked on a path of challenges and self-exploration, which allowed him to enhance his abilities and become a more skilled fighter. After the king’s death, the kingdom became chaotic, and Minsitthar came back to take his rightful place as the ruler and bring peace to his people. With his father’s Holy Spear, he gathered his allies and defeated the enemies that posed a threat to his kingdom. 

All three of these heroes went through difficult challenges and overcame them with their strength, determination, and love for their families and people. Their stories show that even in the face of adversity, one can rise above it and become a hero. Essentially, Layla, Silvanna, and Minsitthar are three of the most fitting heroes for the hero’s journey archetype due to their backstories and can be considered to be great main character material for MLBB.

What About the Villains?

Of course, what would a hero or main character be without a villain to challenge them? In MLBB, there are many villains that provide obstacles for the heroes to overcome and add depth to the game’s lore. Here are a few notable characters that could fit the villain archetype:


Alice MLBB

At the top of the possible villain’s list in MLBB is Alice, who is a powerful sorceress known as the Queen of Blood Magic of the Abyss. At an early age, Alice was bewitched by demons, leading her own family into being cursed as blood demons. She grew to hate her own family, the gods, and just about anyone around her. Because of her own machinations, Alice’s family was given eternal life by the Abyss. She then professed her faith to the Lord of the Abyss, becoming the leader of Blood Demons and bringing chaos and destruction to the land. 


Helcurt MLBB

Helcurt belongs to a race of creatures who sold their souls to the ruler of the Abyss. The Shadow Bringers, led by Helcurt, are known for their cruelty and their ability to manipulate darkness. They are known to swallow light and travel through space while possessing toxic stingers in their body that can instantly kill anyone unlucky enough to meet them. Helcurt’s ultimate goal is to spread darkness throughout the world and conquer all the other races that exist in the land of dawn. Helcurt and the Shadow Bringers were known throughout the land as Death Incarnate and were responsible for mercilessly wiping out Harith’s village, killing everyone, and leaving him as the sole survivor.


MLBB Thamuz Profile

Who better to be a villain and make the lives of heroes more miserable than a demon lord? Thamuz is the ruler of the demons and commands an army of demons to do his bidding. He is known for his strength and his ability to control fire, which he uses to burn his enemies to ashes. Thamuz’s ultimate goal is to conquer the land and enslave all the other races that exist in it. He is a ruthless and powerful villain that is feared by all who know of him. Thamuz believed that all of his adversaries were useless and did not deserve to exist in this world. He thought that he was the only one who deserved to lead. Despite working together with Alice as an ally in the Abyss, he refuses to acknowledge her as a leader because of her lineage. The only one he believes to be worthy of leading their evil army is himself.

MLBB has always been rich in its lore and backstory, and the characters add to that richness. Their wide array of characters possess unique abilities, skills, and personalities, making them memorable and enjoyable to play. However, certain heroes stand out due to their unique personalities, abilities, and backstories. Whether they’re considered heroes or villains, they add depth and complexity to the game’s universe. How about you? Which character in MLBB do you think should be considered a hero or villain, and why?

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