One Punch Man x Codashop: Lucky Wheel Promo


Duration: October 26, 2020 to January 26, 2020

Eligibility: This promo is open to all One Punch Man players in the Philippines.


1.There is a lucky wheel in the game, and players can get chances to spin by: Daily Login/Online time/Recharge and other ways.

2.Turn the lucky wheel, consume the times, players can get a variety of random super gift.

Conditions of participation: Players must meet all three of the following conditions to be eligible to participate in the “LUCKY WHEEL”.

1. Create a new account.

2. Valid for 72 hours after registration.

3. Upgrade to level 8 in-game.

Conditions of getting the times of ‘LUCKY WHEEL’:

1. Daily login will get 2 times of ‘LUCKY WHEEL’.

2. Every 1 hour online, players can get 1 time of ‘LUCKY WHEEL’, up to 3 times a day.

3. If there is a recharge behavior on the day, players can get 3 times of ‘LUCKY WHEEL’.

4. Get 2 extra times when players turned 8 times.


1. A maximum of 10 lucky wheels can be obtained per day;

2. The number of lucky wheel is cleared and reset at 5:00 (GMT+8) every day.

3. Props rewards will be directly sent to the in-game mailbox; To obtain physical rewards, the player need to fill in the receipt information and send a private message to the customer service through the FB homepage. If the receiving information is not provided within 7 days of winning the reward, it will be deemed to have given up the reward.

4. ‘LUCKY WHEEL’ campaign is only open for 72 hours since the account registration, and it will automatically close when it expires.

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