Mobile Legends Hero Guide: Newest Marksman Brody


Lone Star is out to prove that pain is all that matters

Brody is not just another marksman who shoots for a killing. His ways and means resonate deep within as he pounds enemies with heavy attacks. He can easily dominate the battlefield once he gains his bearings up. Built for the kill, Brody is well-endowed with AoE skills + Burst/Reap damage. He might seem a bit slow in early game but once equipped with attack speed items, he’s an instant killing machine running on gasoline.

Brody is in a different league from his gunslinger associates. As the newest carry, his passive makes the big difference. Find out how you can make him your deadliest hero in this hero guide.

How to win in MLBB using Brody

Brody Skills / Abilities

Key Insight
As Brody winds up his basic attacks with Abyss Power, he is able to move channeling at a cost of having longer channeling and the lower Attack Speed bonus. Each Basic Attack deals (+200% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage, increases his Movement Speed by 30% (which will decay rapidly in 1.2s), and inflicts 1 stack of Abyss Mark on the enemy, capped at 4 stacks. Each stack of Abyss Mark raises Brody’s damage against the target by 10% and his movement speed by 5%.
Key Insight
Brody launches a shock wave in designated direction, dealing 250 / 325 / 400 / 475 / 550 / 625 (+150% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage and inflicting Abyss Mark on enemies hit. As the shock wave moves, for each enemy it hits, it deals an extra 20% damage and applies an additional stack of Abyss Mark, capped at 160% damage and 4 stacks.

Brody dashes to an enemy, dealing 200 / 230 / 260 / 290 / 320 / 350 (+75% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage, stunning the enemy for 1.2s, and inflicting 1 stack of Abyss Mark on the enemy. After hitting the target, he is able to move one more time in the movement direction, gaining 45% Movement Speed that will rapidly decay in 1.2s.


Brody locks on all the targets within 8 yards, dealing 400 / 520 / 640 (+100% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to them. If the target has an Abyss Mark, all Abyss Marks will be reset, dealing Physical Damage equal to 200 / 260 / 320 (+50% Extra Physical ATK) plus 8% of target’s lost HP for each stack the target has.

Brody Play style


Burst | Reap

Gold Laner

Skill Effects



Flicker: Brody needs an instant escape hatch to get out of a sticky situation since he is fragile and a bit slow. This will prove vital especially when CC heroes gang up on him.

Purify: Helps Brody slither out of most crowd control effects. When trying to compensate from what you lack, gaining control of immunity and running away is the smartest thing to do.


Gear up with a Marksman Emblem and allot points to solidify movement speed via Electro Flash. This will help Brody weave his way faster and stand a chance to escape ganking. Prioritize your critical hit by and chalk up on Fatal and Doom to make him extra lethal.

Custom Assassin Emblem will also work nicely to buff his basic attack damage and manage nicely during early game. Hand out points for Agility (to pad movement speed) + Invasion for added physical penetration. Top it off with Killing Spree for extra HP.


Work on getting his Critical Damage by centering your core items on Berserker’s Fury (extra Physical Attack + Critical Damage) and Scarlet Phantom for added Attack Speed. Ideally, Blade of Despair should also do the trick. Don’t forget a defense item to toughen him up as his playstyle is to thread in and out of fights. Full lineup can be:

Magic Shoes – Reduce cooldown
Berserker’s Fury – Trigger Critical Effects
Blade of Despair – Increased Physical Attack + movement speed
Endless Battle – Further enhance your basic damage
Scarlet Phantom – Increase Physical Attack and Critical Damage
Queen’s Wings or Immortality – Extra defense security measure

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