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Moonton is rolling out its ALLSTAR patch with a huge bang starting with Minsitthar’s much-awaited rework! First released back in November 2018, the Courageous Hero Minsitthar is finally getting a revamped set of skills, story, and design that will make him a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends. By the looks of it, Moonton is trying to shake up the meta and reintroduce some long-forgotten heroes back into the limelight. Without further ado, let’s delve into the specifics of Minsitthar’s revamped skillset and how these changes will impact his gameplay and strategies.

Minsitthar, Courageous Warrior and the Sun of Mahar Pura

MInsitthar Story MLBB

In the Land of Dawn, the Kingdom of Mahar Pura lived in prosperity for a long period of time. Minsitthar is a great warrior and a prince of Mahar Pura who fought to protect his kingdom from external threats. He is known for his courage, honour, and unwavering loyalty to his people. Despite all of the prince’s achievements, he was sent into exile by his father, the king of Mahar Pura, due to a forbidden love affair between Minsitthar and a commoner. This event sets Minsitthar on a journey of hardship and self-discovery, where he developed his skills further and honed his craft as a warrior. 

When the king died, the kingdom fell into chaos and Minsitthar returned to reclaim his throne and restore peace to his people. Armed with the Holy Spear previously owned by his father, Minsitthar rallied his allies and defeated the enemies that threatened his kingdom. From the dark clouds that loom over Mahar Pura, a golden light suddenly split the heavens to reveal the glory of Minsitthar and his Holy Spear vanquishing the invaders from their land. Now Minsitthar stands as a symbol of hope, great leadership and strength to the people of Mahar Pura.

How to Win in MLBB Using Minsitthar

Minsitthar's Skills and Abilities

Minsitthar’s abilities are centred around the use of his spear and shield. Most of his kit revolves around crowd control and disruption, making him a great initiator in team fights. Let’s break down each and every skill that he has that makes him a formidable force on the battlefield.

Mark of the King

Previously, Minsitthar’s passive was all about providing extra gold to him and his teammates. With the revamp, Minsitthar’s passive skill is now called Mark of the King, as it involves marking the opponent with every Basic Attack he makes. Upon completing all five marks on the enemy, the next attack deals Physical Damage to the opponent, leaving them stunned for a short duration. Minsitthar also regains 300 (+6% Total HP) of his Max HP. His passive skill can only be triggered once every six seconds on the same target.

Spear of Glory

Minsitthar’s first skill remains pretty much the same, but with one notable improvement. When using Spear of Glory, Minsitthar thrusts his spear forward, dealing Physical Damage and slowing enemies down by 30%. All enemy heroes hit by this skill will be stunned for 0.6 seconds and will be dragged back in front of Minsitthar, dealing additional Physical Damage. That’s right, Minsitthar’s first skill can now drag multiple enemies at once instead of just the first target to get hit by the spear, making it a more effective crowd control skill.

Shield Assault

Minsitthar’s mostly defensive second skill has now been transformed into a devastating multi-hit attack. When using Shield Assault, Minsitthar shoves his shield forward, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies in a rectangular area in front of him, slowing them down in the process. He also enters Phalanx mode for three seconds, allowing him to jab his spear at his enemies with his Basic Attack in quick succession. All damage dealt in front of his shield is reduced by 25%, making it an almost perfect counter to enemy attacks.

King's Calling

Another signature skill from the old version of Minsitthar but with some enhanced effects. Minsitthar summons four Royal Guards with King’s Calling to form a circular field around him. The Royal Guards are rooted in position but will deal Physical damage to any enemies within the field. Escaping the field is next to impossible as it slows down all enemies by 20% and disables any movement and Blink skill. What makes his ultimate even better is that it can now inherit the item effects equipped by Minsitthar.

Minsitthar’s Playstyle

Minsitthar is a versatile fighter who excels in both offence and defence. He can engage in team fights, push and defend lanes, and even solo opponents. Minsitthar is a versatile fighter who excels in both offence and defence. He can engage in team fights, push and defend lanes, and with the recent updates, he has better chances of soloing opponents. With his Spear of Glory, he can initiate team fights and utilise his crowd control skills to confuse opponents and bring them towards your team for an ambush. Using his second skill’s Phalanx mode, he can deal significant damage to enemies while reducing incoming damage.

King's Calling MLBB

For the longest time, Minsitthar has always been a good roamer and occasionally even a Tank hero, but his damage capabilities have always been limited. The revamp of his ultimate, King’s Calling, has now given him a much-needed boost in damage output, making him a much more viable pick in the current meta. His crowd control skills, combined with his increased damage, make him a formidable opponent in team fights, able to lock down enemy heroes and deal significant damage to them.

Now, instead of being relegated as a strictly utility support hero, Minsitthar can also be a significant damage dealer while still providing crowd control and protection for his team. Overall, Minsitthar is a versatile hero who can fit into any team composition and adapt to different game situations.

Best Emblems

Fighter Emblem Minsitthar MLBB

For a more offensive build, it’s best to use a Fighter emblem focused on increasing Minsitthar’s attack speed and damage. To fully maximise the use of Minsitthar’s crowd control skills, you can use Disabling Strike, which grants additional Physical Attack whenever you slow enemies down. 

Tank Emblem Minsitthar MLBB

For a more defensive build, a Tank emblem is also a good option. This time, focus on reducing Minsitthar’s cooldowns to allow him to use his crowd control skills more often. Brave Smite also improves his survivability on the battlefield, especially during the laning phase.

Best Battle Spells


This spell allows Minsitthar to teleport quickly, allowing him to initiate fights or escape danger. This is a great choice, given that Minsitthar doesn’t have any Blink skills in his kit. Minsitthar is also one of the few heroes who can effectively pull off a flicker combo,  which is perfect for ambushing the enemy.


This spell can be used to stun enemies in a given area, giving Minsitthar and his team an opportunity to deal damage or escape. It’s also useful for interrupting enemy ultimates or combos.


With his increased damage output and overhauled second skill, Minsitthar can make great use of Inspire. This spell boosts his attack speed for a short period, allowing him to deal significant damage and take down enemies quickly.

Item Build

MInsitthar Hero MLBB

Crit builds are a great option for Minsitthar, as his basic attacks deal significant damage and have a chance to crit. Items like Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury can help increase his crit chance and damage output.

An attack speed-focused build can also work well, allowing Minsitthar to dish out faster basic attacks and activate his passive more frequently. Items like Corrosion Scythe and Demon Hunter Sword can help increase his attack speed and damage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Minsitthar’s revamp is one of the most highly anticipated and impressive updates in recent memory. By overhauling his skills and making him more versatile, he has become a valuable addition to any team composition. Will this update finally put Minsitthar into the meta? Only time will tell, but with his new kit, he is definitely worth trying out in your next game.

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