ML Gaming Strategy: How to be Effective on your Role


Winning games in Mobile Legends cannot just be about slaying enemies standing in the way. It requires users to understand how each hero works, how to maximize their main roles, and how to complement each playing style. Keep a watchful eye on the map to monitor enemy movement and determine when to assist a teammate. It’s crucial to employ careful team strategy to get the most resources and buff the designated carry to lead the charge.

Marksman Gameplay

For a marksman, farming should be prioritized. They should be able to farm faster than the other team, hence, a level three jungle item is recommended for higher experience. Muscling up early will ensure thorough game supremacy. Cautious positioning will most definitely change the battle tide.

Tank Gameplay

Tanks must be reliable pillars of defense and protection. Together with support picks, they must protect their shooters and not allow them to die at all cost since they hold most of the team’s resources. Also, studying how much damage their hero can endure will enable them to gauge how long they can last during clashes.

Support Gameplay

Support cast should be effective in disabling and annoying enemies. Healing factor is a must for everyone to last longer in team battles, plus extra buff in movement speed to dodge crowd control. Mages should have impeccable timing in spell casting to dictate the tempo and pad the kill count.

Fighter Gameplay

Powerful fighters must be aware how to correctly engage at the right time, with the right target. Regeneration and damage will prove essential. Agile assassins should be very good at killing the enemy backline, infiltration and of course, sweet deception.

When your team has a good grasp of each specific role, practicing hero combos should be next.

A certain strategy your team can apply will focus on directing all the resources on a particular hero. Call it funneling or the 1-3-1 formation. Your team will need to position heroes on specific lanes.

Tank with a support and the essential carry will take on the middle lane. They must equip roam items to guarantee the entire gold is channeled to the carry. Ganking and reaping the jungle should be included in their main agenda. Invade and steal enemy buffs if you can. The remaining two fighters must patrol the offlanes and push as much as possible. Of course, they must be ready to brawl and hold their ground.

Understand that for this strategy to work, everyone must stay well-coordinated. Communication is also vital to execute the game plan. Try doing this in a 5-man lineup for better cohesion.

It is recommended that you either get Granger, Karrie or Ling to serve as your carry. Pair them with Diggie, X-Borg and Khufra or Hylos and see how the chemistry goes.

Players should be comfortable using their desired heroes. Surely, adjustments must be made during drafting, but it helps if you have a good grasp of your hero and how to optimize its full potential. Watch streams of top players to get better knowledge on how they move with their team and how they employ their skillsets.

It is also important that players get to enjoy the game. And as Tigreal would put it, sound the horn to victory!