Lethal Lady Lesley: Your New Starlight Skin this April 2020


The long wait is over. Set your crosshairs and get a Starlight membership this April 2020, because Lethal Lady Lesley is your new Starlight skin this month!

Other than the Starlight exclusive skin, there’s a lot more privilege being a Starlight member.

  • Access to 6 weekly free heroes
  • Access to 6 weekly free skins
  • An exclusive avatar border (31-day)
  • Extra 10 protection points when losing a ranked match
  • Starlight exclusive elimination alert, recall effect & spawn effect
  • 30% more mastery points for every match
  • One-time free Mysterious shop refresh
  • Extended in-game friend limit (up to 200)
  • 10% more EXP for every match
  • Starlight exclusive profile
  • Starlight exclusive chat frame & battle emotes
  • Starlight talent page
  • 5% more BP for every match
  • Sign-in for a previous day in the “7-Day Log-In” event

What are you waiting for? Get a Starlight Membership today or buy diamonds in Mobile Legends on Codashop.