MLBB: The Exorcists Event Guide: Awesome Skins and More!


MLBB Exorcists SkinsThe Exorcists are back to banish Soul Eaters in this newest draw event! Besides Kaguya’s and Yu Zhong’s slick Exorcists skins which we first saw in October 2022, MLBB’s The Exorcists draw event also features two new stunning limited-time skins for Granger and Hayabusa, along with tons of other cool prizes for you to win until June 17, 2024. Stick around to find out how to score them!

MLBB The Exorcists Event Screen

How to get The Exorcists exclusive skins

MLBB players must participate in the limited-time The Exorcists draw event to get the chance to win the featured skins. There are three ways to score these beautiful skins: first is by spending Diamonds on 1x and 10x pulls. This method grants the player Sigils of Exorcism and Exorcism Charms, with the latter functioning as an alternative currency to do additional draws.

The second way is through the Event Shop, where you can exchange Sigils of Exorcism for exciting rewards. The exclusive skins cost 1200 Sigils of Exorcism while the other cosmetics range from 100 to 300. The third method is through gifting. Here are some of the rewards to get you hyped up:

  • Exorcist Kagura
  • Exorcist Yu Zhong
  • Exorcist Hayabusa
  • Exorcist Granger
  • Themed Recall and Spawn Effects
  • Themed Elimination Effects
  • “It’s My Turn” Battle Emote
  • Vigilant Partner Avatar Border

MLBB The Exorcists Prize Pool

How to get the most of The Exorcists draw event

As with the past MLBB draw events, taking advantage of the one-time and daily discounts ensures you get a little more bang for the buck. Your first 10x draw during the event comes at a 30% discount, while your first daily 1x draw gives you 50% off. Use these wisely to plan and control your spending.

Completing recharge tasks from The Exorcists Premium Supply side event is a great way to snag a few more free pulls. Finishing said tasks grants you a total of 25 Exorcism Charms while reaching 20, 60, 130, and 190 on the draw counter grants you another round of free rewards. Be sure to check them all in-game!

The Exorcist skins for Granger, Hayabusa, and Kagura dappers them up with Japanese streetwear; a refreshing change from their original battle-worn outfits. Yu Zhong, on the other hand, is looking even more exalted with his white suit and velvet fur cape. These eye candies alone make The Exorcists draw event a must-try in my book, but if you want more, you can always check the Event Shop as it also packs other exciting redeemables like permanent heroes, fragments, and other exclusive cosmetics.

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