F2P Savior: Genshin Impact Welkin Moon Guide


Genshin Impact Welkin Moon GuideDo you ever feel like your Primogems need to be more to snag that coveted 5-star character in Genshin Impact? Luckily, the team at HoYoverse has an affordable option for you. The Blessing of the Welkin Moon is a monthly subscription that offers a steady stream of Primogems at a budget-friendly price. But is it the right choice for you? In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the Welkin Moon, from its rewards and cost to how to maximize its benefits. So, fasten your gliders and prepare to chart a course towards a brighter (and gemier) future in Teyvat!

Blessing of the Welkin Moon Explained

Buy Welkin Moon In-Game

Genshin Impact’s monetization features allow players to quickly obtain in-game currency like Primogems without compromising immersion and gaming experience. One such system is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, or ‘Welkin Moon’ as it is known by most players. This is a subscription offer that provides a gentle but consistent boost to your Primogem reserves. Unlike some gacha games that push expensive one-time purchases, the Welkin Moon offers a low-cost, month-long subscription.

This is separate from the Battle Pass, another subscription offer from the game. Players can purchase the Welkin Moon directly from the game or through a trusted platform like Codashop. Unlike the Battle Pass, which focuses on additional rewards and challenges, the Welkin Moon is purely about boosting your Primogems. This low-barrier entry point makes it a popular choice for players who want a steady flow of wishes without a heavy financial commitment.

Please note that there’s no free track for the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, unlike the Battle Pass. You can only receive your Primogems and Genesis Crystals upon purchasing the blessing.

What Rewards Can You Get from a Welkin Moon Subscription?

Welkin Moon Daily Login Notification

Purchasing a Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact instantly grants you a bonus of 300 Genesis Crystals, the premium currency used for various purchases in the game. But the real value lies in the long-term benefits.  For 30 days, you’ll gain access to a daily claim of 90 Primogems, the primary currency used for Wishes on character and weapon banners. This translates to 2,700 Primogems throughout the entire Blessing duration, significantly boosting your gacha pulls compared to relying solely on free in-game sources. That’s equivalent to about 17 Wishes already! 

For just $4.99 per Welkin Moon subscription, you’ll get a ton of Primogems that you can use for Wishes or to refresh your Resin supply; it’s easily one of the most cost-effective ways to bolster your Primogem reserves in Genshin Impact. 

Buying a Genshin Welkin Moon Pass through Codashop

Codashop offers a streamlined way to purchase a Welkins in Genshin Impact using your preferred payment platforms. Here’s a step-by-step guide to secure your Blessing through Codashop:

Step 1: Visit the Genshin Impact page on Codashop or click this link.

Step 2: Enter your player ID found in-game and your Server.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon Top up 1 Genshin

Step 3: Select Blessing of the Welkin Moon from the product options.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon Top up 2 Genshin

Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method and enter your Zip Code.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon Top up 3 Genshin

Step 5: Type in your email address or mobile phone number, then hit the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon Top up 4 Genshin

Once the transaction is complete and payment is settled, your Blessing of the Welkin Moon will be activated, you’ll immediately receive your 300 Genesis Crystals and 90 Primogem rewards for your daily login.

Maximising Your Welkin Moon Subscription

One of the most significant benefits of buying a Blessing of the Welkin Moon is that you can stack them up. This means you can buy Welkin Moons for as many months in advance as your wallet allows. This lets you accumulate a nice chunk of Primogems without remembering to repurchase every month.

If you want to buy Welkin Moons in one go for the next six months, you’ll immediately get 1,800 Genesis Crystals. Thanks to the daily login bonus, you can have up to 100 wishes worth of Primogems over the next six months. This means you can secure a steady flow of wishes without worrying about running out before the next banner arrives. Stacking Welkin Moons is a fantastic way to plan for upcoming character banners or weapon wishes. 

Why Choose Codashop for Your Top Ups?

While Codashop offers a streamlined way to purchase the Welkin Moon, you might wonder what differentiates it from the in-game store. Here are some reasons Codashop could be your preferred platform:

  • Convenience: Skip navigating in-game menus! Codashop provides a user-friendly interface designed explicitly for top-ups. Find your game, enter your details, and complete the purchase in a few clicks.
  • Payment Method Flexibility: Codashop boasts a wider range of payment options compared to what might be directly linked to your game account. Depending on your location, this could include popular e-wallets, regional payment methods, and even prepaid cards.
  • Security: Codashop prioritises secure transactions. Their platform is trusted by millions of gamers worldwide, ensuring your payment information remains protected.
  • Potential for Promotions: Codashop occasionally runs promotions and offers exclusive deals on Welkin Moon purchases. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to maximise your Primogem gain!

While Codashop offers these advantages, explore all options and choose the method that best suits your comfort level and payment preferences. Buy your Welkin Moon through Codashop or top-up your Genesis Crystals with confidence, knowing you have a variety of secure and convenient options at your fingertips. 



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