Unlock Exclusive Rewards: MLBB StarLight Membership Guide


MLBB Starlight MayThroughout the years Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has earned a reputation of endlessly and consistently releasing new and exciting content for its huge player base. One of the most-anticipated content players look out for is the monthly release of the new StarLight pass, a special in-game membership that unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive rewards and in-game benefits. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about the StarLight membership, from its different tiers to the plethora of rewards it offers, making you an MLBB StarLight pro in no time!

StarLight Membership Explained

Starlight Rewards May 2024 MLBB

The StarLight pass for ML is a monthly mission points system that lets players unlock exclusive skins for a featured hero, as well as emotes, diamonds, and other rewards. The system was first released in 2016 with Saber as the very first featured hero to receive an exclusive skin for that month. Since then, players have tuned in to which hero gets the StarLight treatment every month as well as getting their rewards for playing the game and completing its tasks.

The StarLight Membership is released at the start of every month and goes on until the end of it. This gives players plenty of time to play their way through the game and unlock all the perks and benefits that comes with a StarLight membership. To activate the pass, a StarLight member’s MLBB account should have at least 300 diamonds to activate your StarLight membership. If you want to go the extra mile and maximise your rewards, you can also activate StarLight Plus and get even more perks for only 750 diamonds.

What are the Perks of Getting a StarLight Membership?

The StarLight membership system is divided into two tracks, which is StarLight Trial and StarLight Membership. The StarLight Trial is the free track, and you gain access to all of its rewards as long as you play and complete StarLight tasks. It grants you a typical set of rewards like Magic Dust, tickets, and Hero Fragments. There’s also something great that awaits you at the end. StarLight Trial players will still be rewarded with a 1-out-of-5 Hero Selection Chest as soon as they reach level 59.

On the other hand, a fully activated StarLight membership gives players access to the StarLight Member Tier rewards with exclusive skins, fragments, diamonds, and currency. Players can also earn StarLight Fragments which can be used to purchase heroes, skins, and other in-game items on the new StarLight shop.

For StarLight Plus members, you can get access to all the StarLight Membership rewards, plus you get a 15-level boost on your StarLight levels. You also get a +30% bonus in StarLight Points and 10% Exp Bonus whenever you complete the StarLight tasks. There are also weekly free heroes and free skins, and additional stage rewards that make the membership even more worthwhile.

Here’s a comparison of benefits to give you a better idea of what to expect from both StarLight tracks:

StarLight Trial StarLight Member StarLight Plus
Ticket Featured StarLight Hero Skin Featured StarLight Hero Skin
Hero Fragments Rare Skin Fragments Rare Skin Fragments
Magic Dust StarLight Fragments StarLight Fragments
Large Horn Crystal of Aurora Crystal of Aurora
50-Diamond Coupon 100-Diamond Coupon 100-Diamond Coupon
Summer Spawn Effect (1-day) StarLight Trail Effect StarLight Trail Effect
Deluxe Skin Trial Card Pack (1-day) Basic Skin Chest Basic Skin Chest
Star Protection Card Star Protection Card Star Protection Card
StarLight Lv. Transfer StarLight Skin Exchange (Painted Skin Discount) StarLight Skin Exchange (Painted Skin Discount)
StarLight Hero Selection Chest 2nd Featured StarLight Hero Skin 2nd Featured StarLight Hero Skin
Sacred Statue Sacred Statue
New Arrival Token New Arrival Token
Lucky Ticket Lucky Ticket
Magic Wheel Potion S Magic Wheel Potion S
StarLight Wish Bottle StarLight Wish Bottle
Double BP and EXP Cards Double BP and EXP Cards
Weekly Free Heroes and Skins Weekly Free Heroes and Skins
Limited-Time Cosmetics Limited-Time Cosmetics
20% Bonus StarLight Points from StarLight Tasks 20% Bonus StarLight Points from StarLight Tasks
5% Extra Battle Points for Each Match 5% Extra Battle Points for Each Match
10% EXP for Each Match 10% EXP for Each Match
10 Extra Protection Points when losing a Ranked Match 10 Extra Protection Points when losing a Ranked Match
30% Extra Mastery for Each Match 30% Extra Mastery for Each Match
15-Level Boost on StarLight Levels
30% Bonus StarLight Points from StarLight Tasks
10% EXP Bonus on StarLight Tasks

More Exclusive Rewards for StarLight Members

Getting a StarLight membership is a gift that keeps on giving. Aside from all the perks mentioned above, you also get a bunch of Exclusive Rewards for the most dedicated and active players:

  • 1 Free Refresh for the Mystery Shop
  • Add up to 200 In-Game Friends
  • StarLight Exclusive Personal Info Box
  • 1 Late Sign-in for “7 Day Login”

Levelling Up Your StarLight Membership Tiers

Starlight Tiers MLBB

To progress through your StarLight tracks, all you need to do is earn StarLight Points by completing certain tasks in the game, such as completing a Classic, Ranked, or Brawl match. These tasks are easy enough to complete just by playing the game every day.

Daily Quests are your bread and butter to level up your StarLight tiers. There are also Stage Quests that give more of a challenge but also reward you with bigger points. Make sure you go through all of these quests to maximise your StarLight member perks and experience.

As you progress through your StarLight levels and reach the end of the track at level 60, you get bonus StarLight levels that will be carried over to the next StarLight. So if you’re planning on getting another membership, you’ll get quite a headstart already!

How to Activate Your StarLight Membership

Activate Starlight MLBB

Now that you have a glimpse of what you can get from the all-new StarLight membership, it’s time to get your wallets out and top up your diamonds through Codashop. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Enter your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang user ID.

Codashop Top Up 1 MLBB

2. Select the amount of Diamonds you wish to purchase.

Codashop Top Up 2 MLBB

3. Choose your preferred mode of payment.

Codashop Top Up 3 MLBB

4. Review your order and click the “Buy Now” button to complete the transaction.

Codashop Top Up 4 MLBB

As soon as payment has been completed, Diamonds will be instantly credited to your account.

Getting More Value for Your Money

To maximise your StarLight membership and your MLBB gaming experience, getting more value for your money is the way to go. The best way to do this is to create a Codashop account and activate your Codacash for exclusive offers.

For instance, you can get bonus diamonds every time you top up using Codashop. The more diamonds you purchase, the bigger the bonus you get, giving you more value for your hard-earned money.

Don’t have enough diamonds to activate your StarLight Membership? You can top-up straight to Codashop or get the Weekly Diamond Pass to get more bang for your buck. You should also follow Codashop’s official social media channels to stay updated on the latest offers.

Is Getting a StarLight Membership Worth It?

Activating StarLight in Mobile Legends comes down to whether the rewards align with your playstyle and budget.  If you’re a frequent player who craves exclusive hero skins, bonus diamonds, and accelerated progression, then a StarLight membership offers significant value. Consider the cost of Diamonds needed for StarLight versus what you’d typically spend on individual skins or emblems. StarLight can be a cost-effective way to snag coveted skin and other bonuses if you play regularly.  Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal in-game goals and spending habits.

Being a StarLight member in ML has always offered great incentives for players to stay engaged and rewarded with in-game rewards. With the revamped StarLight membership, players get more value for their money and enjoy a more diverse set of rewards. All in all, the new StarLight system is an excellent addition to the game and is sure to make the game even more exciting and rewarding for players. 

Top up your diamonds through Codashop to buy a StarLight membership today and start enjoying the exclusive rewards and bonuses!