Best MLBB Heroes to Use for Solo Ranking


If you are going on a solo quest to conquer Mount Mythic, you need to pick and work on heroes packed with power and with skills to work around any given situation.

Here are a few hero suggestions to rank fast via soloQ in MLBB.



Push your way to victory with this petite hero from the Land of Abundance. Wanwan is arguably the most agile marksman in Mobile Legends up to date. Self-reliant when left alone to farm, Wanwan is a force to reckon with once she completes her item build including Demon Hunter and Blade of Despair. As a fair warning, don’t you ever go melee on her if you want to stay alive.

Once Wanwan attains her core items, she is ruthless in late game with the enormous damage from her ulti. Crossbow of Tang is pretty much invincible; you literally can’t do anything to stop it especially when Wanwan is already hurling on top of foes, throwing at will all her anger via lethal arrows.

She may be small and fragile, but do not fall prey with her physical looks because underestimating her will prove you dead wrong.



The inclusion of this cute, little owl might raise eyebrows for some. But this feathered hero is very much underrated.

First and foremost, a team will win because Diggie IS the crowd control. He can cripple enemies with his second skill in Reverse Time – that’s like having a deathtrap and escape hatch all rolled in one skill. He can effectively control the lanes with his AOE stun. Diggie can also chip on enemy health with his dainty chasing alarm bombs.  These bombs, by the way, can also stay on standby for 30 seconds, perfect for some bush warfare.

In terms of team play, the best thing about Diggie is his Time Journey ultimate which can salvage an entire crew from sinister ganking and other CC effects. What’s even great is that he possesses low cooldown rate, so you can use his first and second skills to annoy everyone again and again.

Speaking of annoyance, even after his death, Diggie still burns with total vexation. His egghead form delivers utter confusion as he spins around foes. Many are left unaware that even as an egg, Diggie still manages to do little damage. Persistence-wise, it can still deliver a lethal blow against enemies with critical HP; they’ll never know what hit them.



If you want to accumulate wins, pick the deadliest among all marksmen in the league. Granger is obviously a shoo-in for this list. His consistency is hands-down, very remarkable. His first skill is effective in early game, while in the later rounds it turns fatal with every blow.

Farming is almost effortless for Granger for he does it so fast! Once he gets his hands on the red buff, he’s a total nightmare for a solo laner. A word of caution, a decently farmed Granger can absolutely demolish an enemy with just 6 shots, (the 6th being his favorite number and the one dealing critical damage). Facing him one-on-one is plain suicide.

Performing his ultimate gives Granger both AOE and ranged damage. Even group of enemies fleeing for dear life are not spared. Positioning though is vital to achieve success.

All in all, Granger packs an insane snowball ability, which makes him more and more invincible as the game progresses. Pair him with tanky companion and you’re all good to go.