Petrifying Power Of A Reaper, Zhask “Extraterrestrial” Skin


Zhask Extraterrestrial Skin

Is it just us or Zhask looks like Karrie’s brother in this new skin? We know it’s been such a long wait for Zhask players and it’s finally your turn! 🥳

Zhask “Extraterrestrial” skin

The vanguard of chaos originated from Kastiya, is now dressed in the new “Extraterrestrial” skin to eradicate suffering and evil. This Chaos-type Hero can buff almost any kind of Attribute Resonance, making him well fit into almost any lineup.

The Nightmaric Spawn summoned can deal massive damage that can easily take down a MM if paired with Tank Heroes. Zhask is good at blocking projectiles like Harley’s Ulti, so we recommend matching Zhask with Heroes like Lolita, Valir and Aurora to deal damage while staying safe.

If Zhask is your main hero, this skin is an absolute must-have! Dominate, Kill and Reap now with Zhask.

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