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Everyone has their good and bad days in Mobile Legends. Sometimes when the fengshui is not right, we just get so pissed off when we are matched with toxic teammates who challenge us even before the game started. But the problem is, half of the time we don’t even know what our Indonesian friends are saying. So for today’s topic, we asked Sandi, one of our Indonesian MLBB players in Codashop to share with us some of the most popular Indonesian words that are used in-game (some are English). You can thank us later.

Common words people use in Mobile Legends

  • Feeder: the player who gets killed repeatedly, assisting the enemy team
  • Noob / nub: comes from the word “newbie” which means skills that are still like beginners
  • Tolol / gobloc / Bobo / Lee / Bego: stupid
  • GG: Good Game
  • GGWP: Good Game, Well Played
  • Buta Map: not aware of what’s happing
  • Lag: game is slowing down or not even moving at all caused by slow internet connection or device
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard
  • Toxic: describe players who ruin others’ playing experience by trash talking
  • Anjing: dog
  • Bacot: someone who talks too much
  • OP: Overpowered
  • Report: report players who play negatively like afk, feeding, using cheats, etc.

Hopefully this adds some insights into your daily matches! Regardless of who are your teammates, remember everyone shares the same goal that is TO WIN THE GAME. So let’s keep calm and enjoy the game.

P.S. When things get out of hand, you always have the option to mute your teammates. ?



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